Valentine’s day wishes poems

Valentine’s day wishes poems


Ever tried expressing your love on valentines with  Valentine’s day wishes poems?  Valentine’s Day is actually a special occasion for all and sundry who beyond any reasonable doubt believe that falling in love with someone is inherent and endemic part of life. It is inevitable to be exact. Some would go out with the loved ones, or by commencing a date with someone they had never seen or dated with before. Everyone wants to look spike and span and wear various colours of dresses depending on one’s way of expressing feelings and emotions towards valentines. This day is not devoid of Valentine’s day wishes poems as an expression of love and care to their loved ones. The poem should have an ecstatic or affectionate tone. The message should be conveyed in a way that shows love and respect to the spouse.

Valentine’s Day wishes poems


As we watch the sun go down,

I want to let you know;

My love for you is forever,

No retreat no surrender;

You are the one have been hunting for,

the one I’ve eventually found;

without you in my life,

my world wouldn’t go round

the love you bring into my heart,

which is so true and kind;

In my mind your voice whispers,

when I close my eyes at night I dream of you,

when I awake to the morning due I think of you,

somehow I feel in your arms is where I belong;





I have waited for someone like  you for so long,

Now my heart beats with a happy rhyme,

Everything happens for a reason and I believe it’s true,

That is why you were sent to me;

To be with you for eternity,

with our family fraternity,

Is all I pray for,

Is all I wish for you;

Happy Valentine Day!