Valentine’s Day wishes love SMS

Valentine's Day wishes love SMS
Valentine’s Day wishes love SMS

Valentine’s Day wishes love SMS are wishes that explicitly meant to express love and gratitude to the loved ones. The lover birds send each other love wishes SMS to manifest how strongly they love, care and think about each other. This is a special day that should be full of fan and romance. Show them that you care with an SMS

Valentine’s day wishes love SMS

  • My love remains alive until sun is emanating from the earth’s horizon from east and until earth is spinning around it. No matter what situation we are in, nothing will stop me from loving you, happy valentines!
  • For every beauty there must be an eye to see, for every truth there must be an ear to here and for every love there must be a heart to receive. Sweetheart every success, achievement, my destiny my love and all feelings belong to you, happy valentines!
  • Love is ironical, paradoxical to be exact. It is not what you expect. It is not a garden of roses, it is not a cup of coffee, it is a path full of thorns and a lake of fire, and nevertheless we are here to stay for eternity, happy valentines!
  • Among billions and millions of people, you’re the perfect choice, my soul mate and my true love, happy valentines!!
  • Being close to you performs the magic as everything seems beautiful and consequently I fall in love with everything, happy valentines!!
  • Among the thorns of life, love is just like a beautiful red rose, cuts across all stages of life, keeps you young and energetic, happy valentines!