Valentine’s Day wishes love quotes

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Valentine’s Day wishes love SMS

For the majority of people in a relationship Valentine’s Day is very important therefore it calls for being meticulous in the planning for everything on that day to remain memorable. You don’t necessarily have to be spend thrift but making each other feel special is of essence. Valentines love quotes to your partner is among the most romantic ways to let them know they are special.

Valentine’s Day wishes love quotes

  • You are maddeningly beautiful. I love you maddeningly for when love is not madness, it is not love.
  • Falling in love is not an implication of gravitation it is a consequence of strong emotional attachment, it is being compatible to be exact, happy valentines!
  • I would be wrong to say that it was my ears you whispered, the truth is that it was my heart, an exaggerated lie that my lips you kissed but my soul. Happy valentines!
  • Love is a symbol of endlessness. Terminates all sense of time ,obliterates memory of the beginning and fear of the end altogether. Happy valentine’s day!
  • Just like love is widely ambiguous, I’m equally vague about myself. This irresistibly desired disorder of the heart has wrecked  havoc to my brain, my  cheeks are glowing ,my eyes are sparkling and the  blood pressure has  The only infallible prescription is you darling, happy valentines.
  • Love is a smoke made with the perfume of sighs, grow old with me! The best is yet to be, happy valentines.
  • Your eyes are radiantly charming like the delicate rays of the sun being sent to kiss the beautiful nature of the earth as it emanates from the bowels of the earth, you are a dreamscape of wonders! You’re all blissful feeling, I want to be with you forever. Happy valentines!



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