Valentine’s Day E-Cards to Share On Whatsapp

Valentine ’s Day e-cards to share on whatsapp

Valentine ’s Day e-cards to share on whatsapp should be short but mostly humorous. Just like with all the social platforms, it is important to be careful with your words even as you share the love.

 Valentines E-Cards Messages Ideas To Be Shared On What Sup

  • For valentines I don’t want gifts I just want you holding my gift .happy valentine’s day!
  • My love for you burns stronger than the urinary tract. Happy valentine’s day!
  • If I were a pimp you would be my favorite ho. Happy valentine’s day!
  • I adore you more than the people of North Korea are forced to adore Kim Jong-un. Happy valentine’s day!
  • Let’s stay in an devour each other this valentine’s day. Happy valentine’s day!
  • I have never been more in love with someone who is not me. Happy valentine’s day!
  • You would look even more beautiful with a bouquet of flowers obstructing your face. Happy valentines!


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