Valentine’s Day e-cards to Share on Facebook

Valentine’s Day e-cards to Share on Facebook

Valentines e-cards to share on facebook are meant for all or specific Facebook friends and in so many ways similar to messages you send to your friends. However, since Facebook is a social platform it is important to be careful with your words even as you share the love.

A guide to choosing Valentine’s Day e-cards to share on Facebook

  • Short warm message– a warm message is a reflection of love and thoughtfulness. There is no need for long messages, a short message will do as it shows you are sure of what you want to share and makes it easier for your ‘busy’ friends.
  • Informative- an informative message could be a piece of advice on relationships that you would like to share with your Facebook friends
  • Funny– Funny valentine messages could serve several purposes; make your loved smile share a piece of advice and make them feel loved.

Graphics / Animation

 Any graphic apart from those that specifically symbolizes romance will do for you Facebook friends.

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