Valentine’s Day E-Cards for Sweetheart

Valentine's Day E-Cards for Sweetheart
Valentine’s Day E-Cards for Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day e-cards for sweetheart should express plenty of thoughts, love, romance and appreciation. They should communicate ones emotions and feelings in the most touching way. Here is a short guide on choosing a Valentine’s Day e-card for your sweetheart;

A Guide to Choosing Valentine’s Day E-cards for Sweetheart

Messaging Content

  • Heartfelt- a heartfelt message express sincere feelings showing how loving the partner is. The sentiments projected here are highly valuable to the recipient.
  • Romantic – A romantic messages is perfect for a sweetheart, it’s an expression of both affection and deep thoughts by extension it prompt blissfulness.

Graphics and animations


  • Red roses- red roses are a show of passion and pure romantic love. Actually a red rose is a symbol of valentines.

Red roses on valentine e-cards should only be sent to a person you are already in relationship with; spouse, dating couples, fiancée.

  • Red and white roses- While red roses symbolize love and romance, white roses are a show of purity, sincerity and innocence. A combination of these two is a show of pure and true love.

Red and white roses on valentine e-cards can be sent to that special person you intend to date or start a serious relationship with. This can also do for people in a relationship with.


  • Yellow roses- Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship and admiration. It means that the person plays a big role in your daily life.

Yellow roses on valentines e-cards is sent to a person you intend to start a long term romantic relationship with. Avoid yellow roses if this is not the case as this could be make the recipient feel insulted.



-Love symbol which is usually in the shape of the heart-Just as it is, it’s a symbol of love.

Send this to a special person, but this should only be to a person you are already in a relationship with. Avoid this when you intend to express your interest.


-A teddy bear- to an adult a teddy bear gift not only conveys love, it’s also a sign of investment and therefore commitment to the relationship.

Teddy bears can be sent to any person on any occasion so long as it’s accompanied by the right message. Please note for adults it should only be from a man to a lady and never the other way

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