Valentine’s Day E-cards for Kids boys/girls


Valentine’s Day E-cards for Kids boys/girls

Valentines is for your loved ones including children, they could be your own children or other kids that you care for in a special way. Valentines’ e-cards for kids  express some sweet sentiments which are linked to some best animations. When kids receive and read the messages in these e-cards they become jovial and they are equally overwhelm by the feeling of love and care from parents, relatives or friends who might have wished them the best via the cards.

A guide to choosing Valentine’s Day E-cards for Kids

Message tone

Though valentines nowadays is for all it is very important to be careful when selecting E-cards, while some messages won’t make any sense to the kids some are also not appropriate for their age. Compassionate, affectionate and funny messages will do best for kids;

  • Compassionate-messages that show compassion makes the children feel that they are not a lone but with someone who will always stand with them irrespective of the situation. This gives them an assurance and confidence as they continue to grow.

          Though these types of messages can be sent to any kid, they will especially do for kids who    have gone through difficult moments in the past and need reassurance.

  • Affectionate-these messages express to the kid how much they are loved and cared for in the family or with even friends and relatives. This gives them a sense of belonging and unity.

         This fits any kid.

  • Funny-Your aim at the end of the day is to make the kid happy, so look for something simple that will make them laugh just by reading.

        This fits any kid.

Graphics/ Animation

Images and overall appearance of any card are very important. They are the first to pass your message, in some cases the message in written form will only be less than 5% and the image is supposed to pass the rest.

  • Teddy bear

Did you know among other things teddy bears convey love and acceptance? This is true for both kids and adults. There are numerous designs, teddy bear could be designed in a way that it has a read cap on the head, a multicoloured dress and having its mouth opened chanting.

Coupled with a compassionate message it would especially do for kids who need reassurance

Coupled with an affectionate/ funny message it would do for any kid.


  • Dog, cupid and puppy

Most kids generally love pets.

This will especially do not necessarily for kids who love pets but for the friendly and sociable kids.

  • Hugs

Among other things hugs communicate happiness and affection. Hugs are also believed to boost self esteem.

Valentines e-cards with hugs can be sent to that kid you want to appreciate or one that you are really close to.

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