Health Benefits of Olives

Health benefits of olives
Health benefits of olives

Olive is typically a tiny fruit with bitter flesh and solid pit; both are attributed to the important health benefits of olives. A ripe olive is brownish black and greenish when unripe. It is a versatile fruit as it serves as source of oil and food besides the numerous therapeutic significance. Owing to the fact that olives are mouth watering delicacies, they have become one of the world’s most celebrated fruits. Olives exist in various species and their nutritional value varies across the species. They can be taken together with sandwiches, salads, salty snacks or can even be taken as starter. The olive oil forms part of the ingredients for various diets and its benefits extends to its tree which is critical in construction as it provides an excellence quality wood. The health benefits of olives are premised on its rich nutritional content which include; organic compounds, vitamins and minerals, to begin with;

  • Good for healthy eyes – Olives are good in enhancing night vision as it gives the eye ability to differentiate between darkness and light. It contains a good percentage of vitamin A which is the best for quality vision. This is an attribute of vitamin A ability to counter ocular diseases that are generated by age, muscular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma.
  • Enhances heart health – Heart attack is as a result of the damaged blood vessels which then inhibit steady flow of the blood to the body and back to the heart. The richly Oxidant nutrients found in olive prevents the blood vessels from incurring damages by hindering the oxidation of cholesterol linked to the destruction of blood vessels. This therefore ensures a healthy heart.
  • Source of mineral iron – Iron is one of the crucial nutrients that perform a number of vital functions in the body. It gives the red blood cell the characteristic of high affinity to oxygen which in its absence one would suffocate to death. The effectiveness of numerous metabolic activities are dependent upon the enzymes and iron constitutes quite a number of enzymes such as; cytochrome enzymes, iron peroxidase and iron catalase.
  • Reduces the risk of cancer– The ability of olive to lower the risk of chronic disease infections such as cancer is linked to the presence of vitamin E which is essential in neutralizing the effects of free radicals in the body. It ensures safer cellular processes. This therefore protects the mitochondrion from damages which may be instigated by the oxidation by the free radicals. Vitamin E which is a constituent of olive equally provides protection to the DNA cells which would otherwise mutate and result into cancer if destroyed.
  • Anti inflammatory qualities- Inflammation may result into connective tissues and bone defects, deadly diseases such as arthritis which are normally accompanied by inexplicable pain. Olive oil reduces or prevents these fatalities through a chemical compound called oleocanthal which equally serves as anesthesia.

A combination of a daily intake of olive with regular exercise and proper diet plan is a guarantee to quality life.



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Health Benefits of Apples

Health benefits of apple

Apples are regarded as some of the worlds best fruits health wise as they are reloaded with myriad minerals, vitamins, and organic compounds. The essential nutritional elements include; vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin6, Riboflavin, potassium, magnesium and copper. The significance of apples is dependent upon organic compounds which are notably; the salient dietary fibers (12%), phytonutrients and oxidants which are fundamentally essential in maintaining good health. These organic compounds are implicated to the apples’ ability to combat cancer, diabetes, heart disorders, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. Regular consumption of apples is linked to the reduction of LDL -cholesterol and total cholesterol in the body. Below is a nutritional profile and the innumerable health benefits of apples.

  • A healthy and proper functioning of digestive system-The rich fiber content in apples are essential in adding bulk to the food, thus improving bowel movements and equally prevents constipation as it facilitates easier passage of food along the digestive track and easier egestion. Furthermore it has the capacity to stimulate the production of digestive juices such as gastric juice, pancreatic juice among other salient juices. Apples are effective in enhancing the functioning of bacteria within the colon and equally alters the metabolism within the digestive system thus eliminates harmful bacteria and maximize the intake of essential nutrients. This provides a reprieve from stomach disorder and equally ensures healthy heart condition and minimizes the risk of atherosclerosis and keeping digestive system healthy and effective.
  • Ability to prevent cancer-Apples have proved to be the infallible inhibitor to chronic diseases such as cancer and in particularly lung cancer. In cases where the cancer has grown it reduces the risk of the cancer spreading to other parts of the body. This is an attribute to organic compounds such as quercetin and kaempferol.
  • Apples facilitate weigh reduction-just like it is the ability of any other fruit to prompt fullness and satisfaction due to their high fiber content thus reducing the appetite for excessive eating so does the apples. Besides this apples posses another incredible quality that facilitates weight loss. The research shows that apples are capable of speeding up the metabolism so that any calories taken after the consumption of apples doesn’t bear any gravity in the body since they are burnt off at more rapidly rate or no absorption altogether. Therefore apple consumption would be of immense help to millions of populace who are grappling with the excessive weight (obesity) across the globe.
  • Remedy to stroke and diabetes-Taking apples after every meal which is likely to be three times a day is essential as it reduces risk of type II diabetes by 7%.This is attributed to their quality to regulate the level of blood sugar. Apples limit the possibility of fatal pressure which is linked to heart attack and stroke.
  • Essential for healthy skin-The apple skin and flesh contains salient antioxidants which counters the damaging effects of free radicals which are implicated to wrinkles, premature aging, and age spots among other conditions. Apples are equally essential in enhancing blood circulation therefore ensures the repair and replacement of damaged cells. This results into a young and shiny skin appearance. Pastes that are the products of apples and honey would give a perfect result on the skin.
  • Effective for dental care – Apples are essential in maintaining clean teeth and healthy gums. The fiber cleanses the teeth while its antibacterial quality enables it to inhibit the activity of the bacteria which produces an acid which finally leads to tooth cavity. Apples also stimulate saliva secretion which creates an alkaline environment thus limits the chances of growth and multiplication of bacteria in the mouth.
  • Apples are remedy to respiratory disorders – Apples have the ability to cure some of the serious respiratory diseases which are instigated by the inflammation of the respiratory cells and membrane. An example of a fatal respiratory disorder is asthma. Apples have got the anti inflammation quality which puts it forth as an outstanding remedy for asthma and other respiratory defects.
  • Apples are Curative for neurological diseases – The most common and deadly neurological disorders are Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The ability of the apples to cure Alzheimer’s disease which is prompted by the free radical activity is linked to its high content of organic compounds such as phytonutrients and antioxidant. Moreover apples are equally effective in raising the content of acetylcholine in the brain which is implicated to good concentration, memory and problem solving. For the Parkinson’s apples deal with it b slowly crashing down the dopamine-producing nerve cells which is the causative agent of Parkinson’s.
  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases – Most of the cardiovascular disorders are caused by imbalanced level of cholesterol in the body. Apples are effective in lowering cholesterol hence improving body’s immunity against cardiovascular disorder. The common say of “an apple a day keeps the medic a way” is more truthful than you would imagine. This is because the daily amount of apple that is considered best for a healthy heart is about one on a daily basis. This life giving quality is attributed to apple’s ability to neutralize various fats and triglycerides that exist between blood vessels that are likely to prompt fatal blood pressure. Quercetin is a very powerful flavonoid that is highly concentrated in the skin of the apples and has the ability to lower the inflammation in the blood vessels. This therefore makes apples great heart boosters.

The above health benefits of apples are justification that indeed an apple a day keeps the doctor a way. The organic apples are the best; ensure you take the apples with the skin as greater percentages of nutrients are in the skin for example vitamins C and vitamin A. It is wise to wash the apples thoroughly before consumption. Though apples are delicious, it is important to proceed with moderation as far as the intake is concerned.



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Health benefits of pineapples

Health benefits of pineapples

Pineapples are some of the darling fruits for many people across the globe, this is linked to several health benefits of pineapples. The drought resistant plant is really unique in comparison to other fruits. It grows to a height of 8 feet; the fruits are characterized by tough spiky outer part. The weight of the pineapple fruit is approximately up to 8 pounds. Nanas comosus is its botanical name. The health benefits of pineapples (Ananas comosus) include the following;

  • Sustenance of the immune system – pineapple is a great source of vitamin C which is considered to be an important water soluble antioxidant which prevents cell destruction which further prevents heart diseases as well as body ache.
  • Strengthening the bones – pineapples are rich source of mineral manganese which is vital in the formation and development of strong bones as well as various tissues. This mineral manganese is also essential in preventing osteoporosis in post -menopausal female. A cup of pineapple juice generates about 73% of the required manganese on a daily basis.
  • Healthy sight – the  fact that pineapple has a good content of vitamin C and  considerable amount of antioxidants  puts it in a better position to fight  the  macular degeneration a disorder that is associated to old age leading to eye infections hence poor eye sight.
  • Enhance digestion – the fiber content present in the pineapple ensures maintenance of the intestinal movements and prevents constipation thus leading to an enhanced digestion process. Additionally pineapples possess considerable amount of bromelain enzyme which is critical in protein break down. This leads to efficient and effective digestion process.
  • Anti – inflammatory – pineapple is considered essential in reduction of serious inflammations as well as mitigation of tumor development. Furthermore it is capable of treating osteoarthritis which is attributed to its high content in bromelain. The existence of bromelain and proteolytic enzyme in the pineapple makes it fit in enhancing survival chances in animals with distinguish tumors though this is not clarified by the researchers when it comes to human beings.
  • Lower blood clotting – the extreme blood coagulation can be reduced significantly an attribute of the bromelain enzyme. This qualifies pineapples recommended snack for common fliers and others who are at high risk of blood clot.
  • Sinus inflammation and common cold – in the event that the cold prompts you coughing some chunks of pineapple will perform the magic. The victims of allergies are equally advised to include pineapples in their daily diet in order to lessen the long term sinus mucus .All these health benefits of pineapple are implicated to the vitamin C and bromelain.
  • A remedy for acne – Pineapple’s vitamin c helps immensely in thwarting acne and any inflammatory situation of the skin. Bromelain enzyme is the booster for the vitamin C healing power thus making the pineapple effective acne remedy.

Health benefits of pineapple juice

  • Menstrual relief – bromalain is component in the pineapple juice which is crucial in relieving menstrual cramps. Thus it is fundamentally essential to gulp the pineapple juice down the gut.
  • Bromelaine’s health benefits – This enzyme is of high therapeutic value as it treats coughs and colds. It enhances breathing process as it has the capability of ridding out the mucous in the respiratory system .Bromelain is also an anti-inflammatory and equally lessen the pain prompted by arthritis. Finally bromelain has anti-clotting thus mitigating the chances of blood getting coagulated.
  • Highly nutritious – the juice has high nutritional value as it is packed with several minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, while minerals include; potassium, phosphorous calcium, and manganese. Fresh pineapple juice contains about 75% of vitamin C of the requirement on the daily basis. Vitamin A keeps a healthy mucus membrane, skin and eyesight. Vitamin B enhances metabolic rate while B6 regulates blood sugar. Vitamin C ensure a healthy immune system, essential in cell and tissue development too. Soreness and cramps are also prevented an attribute to potassium.
  • Lowers the risk of hypertension – the proportion of potassium and sodium provides an avenue to fight hypertension. Regular intake of pineapple juice is recommended for the victims of hypertension since it contains lowest amount of sodium.
  • Healthy teeth and gums – vitamin C is highly essential in the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums and pineapple juice has this vitamin in abundance. Prevents teeth disorders such as plaque, gingivitis and other periodontal disease through inhibiting the activities of the bacteria rendering them harmless.
  • Best for heart health – the juice enhances blood circulation in the circulatory system. Bromelain makes the blood less thick thus lowering the chances of stroke, heart arrest among other heart disorders that are associated to poor blood circulation .This is also made effective by the presence of vitamin C in the pineapple juice. Vitamin C fights free radicals thus inhibiting the atherosclerosis and other heart disease.
  • Natural exfoliating agent – the juice is vital in ridding off dead skin and enhances blood circulation. This then revitalizes the skin making it exhibit a younger and attractive appearance.
  • Rids off the cracks on feet – the juice has the property of natural scub an implication of exfoliating quality. This enables it to remove the flaky and deplorable skin of the feet leaving them glowing, spongy and smooth. The swelling and inflammation triggered by the cracks are equally relieved.
  • Thwarts Cold – the juice is rich in vitamin C and bromelain which are crucial in fighting microbial infections. This will effectively cure cold and cough.

In as much as this fruit and its juice is mouth watering, of high nutritional value and health benefits of pineapple are countless, it is vital to proceed with moderation in as far as intake is concerned .Excess is detrimental e.g. pregnant women are fore warned to desist from excessive intake as it may prompt uterine constrictions which may instigate miscarriage.



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Health benefits of honey

Health benefits of honey
Health benefits of honey
Health benefits of honey
Health benefits of honey

Honey is a sugary food manufactured from nectars of various flowers by bees through the processes of regurgitation and evaporation .The readymade honey is stored in the beehive in wax honeycomb where it serves as the basic food source for the bees. This amazing product of the bees has won the hearts of the several people around the globe which is attributed to its unbelievable taste and by extension the therapeutic abilities. Honey is linked to several health benefits and the following are the honey health benefits justifying the need to express appreciation to the bees for this excellent versatile product.

  • Cough suppressant-honey is damn significant in saving life in particularly during cold seasons when the coughs are prevalent. Generally honey has been validated by the researchers as being better than other myriad cough relieving approaches. Additionally honey is a potential demulcent, as it covers the throat hence reduces irritation.
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties and a cure for ailments– honey has been given a recognition as the best natural homemade cure vital for the treatment of wide assortment of infections from bacteria ,athlete foot, yeast ,pain associated to arthritis and other various ailments. This is an implication of its antiseptic nature which is capable of inhibiting the activities as well as the growth of the bacteria. This guards the external cuts, wounds and burns from the risk of being infected. This is linked to its quality of being able to absorb moisture from air thus facilitating healing. The anti-inflammatory property of the honey limits the chances of swelling, scarring and equally relieves excruciating pains. When it comes to wound dressing the recommended type of honey is UMF Manuka which has the antibacterial quality.
  • Strengthens the immune system-commencing your day with this cleansing staff is an assurance to an improved system functioning. Honey is best in immune boosting because its antibacterial and anti oxidant properties would leave nothing to chance in ensuring an improved digestive system which will result to ability to combat diseases hence leading to a healthy living. Blending a spoonful of honey and half a cup of lemon juice before breakfast will ensure a perfect result.
  • Locks booster-honey provides the remedy for the scalp conditions that are usually characterized by the irritating skin and dandruff. Four weeks of persistent application of the honey will see the disappearance of scaling and an end to itching effect. Blending milk and honey and ensuring its consumption on a daily basis will certainly result into smooth beautiful skin.
  • Anti-cancer and remedy to heart disorders-honey has substances such as carcinogen, flavonoids, antioxidants which has the anti-tumor and the preventive qualities. This therefore puts it forth as the potential anti-cancer and by extension reduces the chances of suffering from heart disorders..
  • Energy replenishment-carbohydrates, glucose and natural sugars are the important components of honey as they are charged with combating the fatigue. Glucose results into readily available energy as it is directly absorbed by the body since no more digestion is required, this ensures a faster energy boosting. The slow absorption of the fructose on the other hand ensures sustained energy.
  • Relieves hangover-honey possesses a blend of natural sugars e.g. fructose which facilitates the speedy oxidation of alcohol by the liver .This substantiates it as a better substance to combat hangover.
  • Remedy for the sore throat-the antimicrobial properties of honey enables it to terminate sore throat causative germ thus curing sore throats. Honey is also fundamentally essential for the professional singers as it improves the voice making it mellifluous leading to an excellent performance. For the best result four table spoon of honey blended with an equal amount of lemon juice and a small amount of salt should be taken daily before the breakfast. Warm water mixed with Manuka UMF honey is also infallible in remedying a sore throat and suppressing the cough.
  • Remedy for insomnia- honey consumption is good news for those with the inability to sleep as it will perform the magic that would prompt the victim to sleep soundly. A glass of hot milk with teaspoon of honey will yield the best result through calming the nerves and soul thus prompting sleep.
  • Probiotic nature- the secretive healing qualities of honey is implicated to some of the varieties of honey which contain a considerably massive amount of useful bacteria. These include about 4 species of bifidobacteria and up to 6 species of lactobacilli.
  • Blood sugar regulation- honey possesses two elements that is fructose and glucose that assist the body in maintaining blood sugar level. Even though honey contains sugar most of them are characterized by a low hypoglycemic index thus incapable of raising the blood sugar level.
  • Enhances athletic performance -the rationale behind the remarkable performance of the ancient Olympic athletes was nothing other than the consumption of honey and dried figs .Modern researchers have also validated that honey intake maintains glycogen levels and equally enhances recovery time making it the best of all sweeteners.
  • Reduction of ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders -according to the recent research honey has been found to be essential in treatment of ulcers as well as bacterial gastroenteritis. It is therefore used as a natural antiseptic in traditional medicine.
  • Antioxidants-it possesses some compounds (nutraceuticals) which are critical in eliminating free radicals from the body. This result into an improved immune system.
  • Great source of minerals and vitamins – honey contains various mineral salts and vitamins. The vitamins and minerals types and content is defined by the type of flower used during the manufacturing of the honey. The minerals present in honey include; iron and calcium, while on the other hand Vitamin C is the common one.


In as much as there are numerous honey health benefits better health cannot be realized by solely depending on honey. One must strictly observe other commandments for healthy living such as taking a balanced diet, regular exercise, enough sleep and proper medication.



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Health benefits of green tea

Health benefits of green tea
Health benefits of green tea

Green tea is a product of unfermented leaves, the leaves that have undergone minimal oxidation during the period of processing to be exact. It exhibits a slightly bitter taste and pale color in appearance. The appearance varies from one stage to another that is the dry leaves, the liquid leaves and the infused leaves. The infused leaves are normally greener than the dry leaves. The varieties of green tea equally differ significantly an implication of climatic conditions, method of processing, horticulture and time of harvest. Green tea is associated to myriad health benefits. This is attributed to its quality of high nutritional value and large content of oxidants which improves the general health of aperson.The following are some of the health benefits of green tea;

  • Mitigation of the risk of cardiovascular diseases – these include diseases associated to the heart and blood for example; cardiac arrest, blood coagulation, stroke, coronary thrombosis among others. Green tea helps in maintaining blood vessels in good conditions which ensures their flexibility and the ability to withstand any abnormality presented by the variation in blood pressure. Its quality to reduce bad  cholesterol and increase the oxidation capability of the blood gives it a boost in mitigating the coronary thrombosis which is an implication of high cholestorerol in the blood which then prompts hypertension and other risk factors.
  • Enhances fat burning and boosts physical performance –green tea has the capacity to increase energy expenditure by four percent and by extension an increase in fat oxidation by seventeen percent thus evidencing its ability to enhance burning of fats. This will certainly boost metabolic rate which will consequently improve the general physical performance by activating fatty acids from the various tissues thus making them ready as an alternative for energy.
  • Effective in combating chronic diseases – these include esophageal cancer and diabetes type II. Green tea has the capability to destroy cancer cells effectively without affecting the adjacent healthy tissues. The quality of green tea to improve the sensitivity of insulin which then ensures a balance in sugar level puts it for the as the best combatant for the type II diabetes. Therefore green tea dependants are up to 42% safe from the risk of type II diabetes.
  • Ensures life longevity– Apparently everyone is mortal being a justification that death is as inevitable as focus ting that the sun will rise from east. Nevertheless, the fact that green tea protects against cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, stroke among others and other chronic diseases such as cancer, for sure it is plausible that one can span long under the sun. Studies show that regular intake of green tea has the capacity to lower the death of all causes by 23% in women and 12% in men, death from heart disorders by 31% in women and 22% in men, death associated to stroke by 42% in women and 35% in men.
  • Reprieves of Depression – green tea has some natural amino acids called thiamine which usually exist in leaves. In case of a depressed state of mind this substance has what it takes to provide a tranquilizing and relaxing effect that frees a person from a mind blowing situation.
  • Both anti-bacterial and anti-viral – it has a substance called tea catechin which enhances its power to fight both viral and bacterial virulent that are responsible for influenza, mumps, TB, cancer among other diseases. Streptococcus mutans is the most harmful bacteria in the mouth as it instigates plaque, tooth decay and cavity formation. Taking green tea will help to inhibit the development of the streptococcus mutans. Thus leading to an improved dental health.
  • Skin protector – the antioxidant and the anti-inflammatory properties of green tea enables it to reduce risk of wrinkles and aging signs and by extension fortifies the skin from sun damage. This guarantees a proper skin care making the skin to appear young and radiant.
  • Protection of brain in old age lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s – since green tea is associated to improved blood circulation consequently it enhances a working- memory area of the brains. Apart from its ability to enhance brain functions it also protects the brain in old age. This makes the brain immune from the common neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s which may lead to dementia and Parkinson’s diseases which instigates the death of dopamine. This is implicated to the high content of bioactive compounds such as catechin.
  • Loss of excess weight – consumption of green tea boosts the metabolic activities which are linked to the regulation of blood sugar through the activation of insulin and by extension aiding in reducing bad cholesterol and improving good cholesterol thus crucial in shedding excess fats. The polyphone a compound found in green tea enhances the oxidation of fats and the speed at which body converts food into calories hence keeping a person’s weight in check.
  • Stress reliever – The thiamin substance found in green tea is implicated to soothing effects thus making one to feel stress free. For the perfect result six cups should be taken in the event that one is stressed.


Dangerous for the kids– children are advised to keep off intake of tea. This is attributed to the presence of caffeine in the green tea that is likely to over stimulate and by extension cause blockage to the absorption of nutrients.

Stomach upset-Those with sensitive stomach are likely to experience stomach upset after the consumption. This is because it is a stimulant to gastric acid. It is therefore important to add some milk and sugar before the intake.

Even though green tea is loaded with substantial benefits , health benefits of green tea are not to be relied on solely. Quality health is enfolded in one’s own standard of living. Therefore drinking green tea should be combined with taking good care of oneself for example desisting from excessive drinking, smoking and ensuring regular physical exercise alongside eating a balanced diet.

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Health benefits of cinnamon

Health benefits of cinnamon


Cinnamon is a name that conceivably refers various species of trees together with the spice that some of them yield. They hail from the genus cinnamomum while their family is Lauraceae. Just a small number of them are usually meant for commercial spice. Cinnamon is seemingly among the healthiest and yummy spice on earth. It is linked to various health benefits such as mitigation of blood sugar diseases, heart disorders among other superfluous health benefits across the globe. Ceylon cinnamon is the best but in case you chose cassia variety ensure the consumption is in small doses. Below is detailed information pertaining to health benefits of cinnamon. To beITSgin with;

  • Regulation of blood sugar-the cinnamaldehyde is a component of cinnamon that is very effective in ensuring a balance in the blood sugar level. This substance that is an extract from the Ceylon cinnamon Bark Oil is equally infallible when it comes to lowering the concentration of the plasma glucose. Generally cinnamon’s effect on blood sugar is similar to that of the ancient generation diabetes drugs. This makes it a perfect preference for pre diabetics. It is important to consult with the health care providers for the case of the severe type 2 diabetics before making any decision to take cinnamon.
  • A remedy for the stomach bug – Cinnamon is a great anti – bacterial substance. This makes it an ideal cure for the terrible stomach disorder. It is infallible when it comes to combating Campylobacter, E-coli and In remedying adenovirus the Cinnamaldehyde that is extracted from the cinnamon Bark oil is effective.

. A Japanese study apparently showed it to cure ulcers but this cannot be verified. But if you do have stomach cramps or upsets, a cup of Cinnamon tea 2-3 times per day will dramatically reduce the pain. Some people have asked does cinnamon give you gas? No it does not. It actually helps reduce gas and bloating.

  • Irritable bowel syndrome – since cinnamon is a great antibacterial it is therefore effective in destroying bacteria that cause infections thus induce healing to the infected stomach. This therefore relieves the victim of the effects of irritable feelings of bloating by prompting the gastric juice to function normally. Stomach cramps or upset will be a thing of the past if only you would stick to taking at least a cup of cinnamon 2-3 time on a daily basis.
  • Candida yeast infections – The various infections that are medication resistant such as Escherichia coli bacteria and Candida albicans fungus are quite a threat to good health. Cinnamon oil has been scientifically approved to be very effective in fighting candida.On the other hand staging a successful fight against Candida infections and ensuring an enhanced immune system would call for the application of Real Ceylon Cinnamon Tea infused with Bark Oil.
  • Cough, cold and sore throat – the anti-bacterial, and warming properties of cinnamon would mitigate any imminent illness in the tracks. Therefore in the event that one suffers itch or sniffles in the throat it is advisable to take cinnamon tea. Cinnamon also has the propensity to improve the flow of the blood hence enhancing blood oxygen levels that combats sickness.
  • A cure for the Alzheimer’s disease – scientific studies have proved that an orally administered cinnamon is an ideal corrective measure for the cognitive impairments prompted by the Alzheimer’s disease in animals. It also prevents the growth of filamentous “tangels” that exist in the brain cells that is a manifestation of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Virus fighter – seemingly cinnamon is also an effective virus fighter. Scientifically it has been proved that procyanidin polymer an extract from cinnamon has the capacity to change HIV infected individuals into HIV controllers. That is those with the virus but cannot develop into full blown stage.
  • Treatment to ADHD – due to its therapeutic nature cinnamon is used widely by the parents as a complementary treatment for their offspring who are the victims of ADHD or children that have exhibited symptoms of ADHD.
  • Irritability reduction, depression and mood enhancer – the aromatic scent of the cinnamon has the ability to reduce the irritability thus enhancing the mood. It is also an effective remedy for depression since it is able to destroy some of the bacteria that are implicated to depression. This will generally enhance ones health.
  • Loss of excess weight – Cassia cinnamon contains high amount of coumarin which is responsible for blood thinning thus improving the blood flow which is implicated to an enhanced metabolic activities. An improved metabolic activity will certainly aid in weight loss. Additionally it also acts as anti clotting agent in particularly the victims of heart disorders.
  • Massage Therapy – the warming property of cinnamon makes it a good body relaxer and pain reliever. For the perfect result it should be combined with carrier oil. Adding a few drops in the bath will surely relax and sooth weary and paining muscles.
  • Anti fungus – cinnamon is capable of providing protection against the infections from fungus such as athlete foot or toenail fungus. In this case cinnamon leaf oil is recommended as its best in tropical treatment. For effective result add a few drops of cinnamon leaf oil and soak the feet to heal the toenail fungus infections.
  • Reduction of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides – the intake of cinnamon is statistically linked to the significant reduction in total level of cholesterol, triglyceride and LDL levels and by extension arise in good cholesterol levels. Statistically Triglyceride is reduced by 23-30%, LDL cholesterol by 7- 27% and total cholesterol by 12-27%.


Apparently the health benefits of cinnamon are uncountable. However, a precaution should be taken as the intake of cinnamon for weight loss may wreck havoc to the liver. This may put a person’s health at stake since liver plays various metabolic roles such as emulsification. Hence Consultation with the health care providers would be of essence.



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Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Health Benefits of Tomatoes

 Tomato is a versatile food that is not only associated to nutritional benefits but also highly capable of preventing chronic diseases alongside other health benefits. This is implicated to lycopene which is one of the vital photochemical that constitute the tomato. Tomatoes are loaded with myriad health benefits which include the prevention and healing of diseases as well as healthy and attractive look. Below is detailed information about the health benefits of tomatoes.

  • Enhance digestion and inhibit constipation, Tomatoes facilitate efficient and effective functioning of the digestive system as it enables the liver to carry out emulsification effectively and by extension brings an end to constipation. The mixture of tomatoes and spinach will give a perfect result.
  • Reduces risk of heart disorders – research from various higher learning institutions for example Boston and Tufts researchers assert that high intake of lycopene reduces the incidences of heart diseases and cardiovascular disorders by up to 30%.This therefore guarantees an enhanced blood circulation hence a general health improvement.
  • Rich source of minerals and vitamins – tomatoes serve the body with massive quantity of minerals and vitamins which include vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamins B1,B3,B5,B6 and B7, among the minerals are potassium, iron, folate, magnesium, chromium, choline, zinc, and phosphorus which are vital in enhancing body’s immunity hence forming a substantial defense against malnutrition diseases.
  • Neutralizes cigarette smoking health effects – tomatoes have the capacity to lower the havoc that is normally wrecked by smoking cigarettes either directly or passively. The body is defended against carcinogens which are the products of cigarette smoke. This ability of tomatoes is attributed to two substances namely coumaric acid and chlogenic acid. This ensures that body stays safe from lung cancer mouth cancer, esophageal cancer and tooth decolourization among other fatal health effects.
  • Flavor enhancers -tomatoes have the ability to accentuate the taste of any cooked meal. Tomatoes canbe used in chopped, whole, or in a sauce form. Cooked tomatoes enhance its ability to fight cancer irrespective of the lost vitamin c during the cooking process. Research indicates that heat processing improves the nutritional content of tomatoes.
  • Rich in phytonutrients – in terms of phytonutrients few of the vegetables is its equal and few are equally its superior. They are rich in fatty acid, glycosids, carotenoids, flavonols, hydroxycinnamic acids and flavonones.
  • Prevention of Gall bladder and Kidney stones – tomatoes function like disinfectants thus inhibiting diarrhea and equally limits the possibility of developing gall bladder and kidney stones. They equally reduce the cases of lower urinary tract indications which are threats to good health.
  • Healthy hair – regular intake of tomato especially its juice has the ability to improve the general quality of the hair, it gives an appealing look ,fine texture, an enhanced luster and strong tufts thus an invigorated hair growth.
  • Healthy skin – tomatoes are best at combating skin diseases such as acne thus protecting the skin cells from damages. For an overall advanced look of the skin drinking at least 2 cups of tomato juice would yield a commendable result within the shortest period.
  • Mitigates risk of stroke – The rich content of lycopene compound in the tomato boosts its ability to prevent chances of suffering from stroke hence healthy living.
  • Restoration of biochemical balance in the diabetics – The lycopene substance is quite critical in ensuring that the biochemical balance in the victims of diabetes is restored. This evidences how beneficial health wise tomato is.
  • Limits the risk of prostate cancer -tomato is constituted by the fiber in abundance which ensure that colon stays healthy. The quality of tomato being rich in the special nutrient referred to as alpha-tomatine massively helps in combating prostate cancer which is quite prevalent in men since it affects about 1 in 8 men. This saponin phytonutrient (alpha-tomatine) is highly effective in changing the metabolic activity in growing cells of prostate cancer and by extension denatures completely the already formed prostate cancer cells.
  • Trims down breast cancer – the chemical compounds such carotenoids,alpha-carotene,beta-carotene,lutein,zeaxanthin,lycopen among others that exist in tomato in high mounts have the great potential to reduce the risk of breast cancer that is fatal and highly prevalent in women.
  • Healthy bones – due to high amount of calcium in the tomato it is highly capable of ensuring formation of strong and healthy bones. Moreover tomato has rich supply of antioxidants which is also linked to healthy bones.
  • Strengthens immune system -regular intake of tomato increases the content of vitamin C in the blood which renders stress hormones inactive thus constituting a stronger immune system. Therefore regular intake of tomato will lead to a stress and tension free way of life.
  • Reduces the risk of blood coagulation-blood clot is one of the fatal diseases that many people suffer from across the globe. This is normally prompted by the extreme clumping together of platelets. Thus its mitigation is equally damn essential in reducing the risk of heart diseases. Tomato juice will therefore reduce the chances of blood clot. This is made possible by the phytonutrients that exist in tomatoes in superfluity.
  • Accelerates fat burning -The ability of tomatoes to stimulate the production of amino acid carnitine which is efficient in speeding up fat burning makes this function effective.
  • Protects vision and combats eye defects – tomato are better placed to combat eye defects and hence maintain good vision. This ability is linked to the phytonutrients such as beta carotene, lutei and zeaxanthin which are in large amount in the tomato.

From the above indicated health benefits of tomato it evidences that tomatoes are fundamentally essential part of the diet that ought not to be ignored. On the other hand intake of tomatoes will not be an assurance to 100% healthy living. Some other requirements for healthy living such as regular exercise, balanced diet, enough sleep among others ought to be observed for a perfect health standard.



how many calories  in  a tomato

Tomatoes recipes

homemade tomato soup recipes



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Health benefits of carrots


The beta carotene and high fiber contents in carrots are the main factors that make them really beneficial to our health. Here are some of the known health benefits of carrots;

Improves vision

Have anti-cancer effects (especially colorectal cancer)

Boost the immune system

Boost skin health

Reduces premature aging effects

Helps digestion

Have detoxifying effects

Improves oral health


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Health Benefits of Celery

In the ancient days even before being used as food celery was used as medicine. Here are some of the known  health benefits of celery.


Helps digestion

Have anti-inflammatory effects

Helps to maintain healthy brains

Helps to relieve arthritis

Helps to calm nerves

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