I Need to Lose Weight Fast

Don’t Just Say I Need to Lose Weight Fast- Put Words Into Action!

Is “I need to lose weight” the one thought that has been dominating your mind for the past while? There is  something that’s worse than such a  recurring nagging thought ; not doing anything about it!

If you want to lose weight then all you need is some knowledge and a little will-power, that is all it takes. In this article I am going to start you off by giving you some great tips which have helped me along the way.

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Forget Pills And Extreme Diets!

People living a hundred years ago were much thinner than we are now and they did it without any pills or cabbage diets. The problem with these type of extreme solutions is they try to take short-cuts. They avoid addressing their root problems. They also make weight loss physically and emotionally draining, making many people quit after a short period without any good results.

I once did an all shake diet that was a complete disaster. Not only did it cost me over 100 bucks, but the results were really bad. The worst part is I could not do it for more than a few days before I quit. I would just dread the thought of that horrible brown lumpy shake that I had to force down at every meal. You and I both know that is no way to live!

But What Can I Do?

A slim and beautiful you requires sacrifice and self dicipline

So, back to your question; I need to lose weight, now what can I do?

You can eat healthy food and exercise 3 times a week.  You don’t have to starve yourself, you just need to eat healthy food and do some exercise every week. Here are some great tips which I have learned:

Don’t Eat Any Bread, Pasta, Potatoes Or Other Carbohydrates After Lunch!

You should eat a good helping of carbs at breakfast and then some around lunch time, but after that you have to stop. Carbs are really important for our body. They create energy which fuels us throughout the day. However, if we eat carbs after 3 or 4 it will most likely be turned into excess fat. Because our body doesn’t have time to burn all that energy (calories) they carbohydrates create.

Avoid Soft Drinks

Avoid drinking soft drinks because they are full of sugar and they will lead to weight gain. Especially avoid drinking diet drinks like diet coke, these are even worse for weight loss than sugar drinks and they are much worse for your overall health. Don’t think fruit juices are good either, they have just as much sugar as most soft drinks. If you are thirsty just drink water.

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Without the right knowledge you will also have trouble losing weight. I know from experience. There are too many methods out there and most of them are worthless. I have written some good, long articles related to weight loss and dieting. I suggest you read them:

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I also recommend you to find a diet program which you can use in the long term.You need to find something that works in the long-term. Forget Pills! Forget All Liquid diets! Forget Starvation Diets!I have used The Diet Solution Program before and I personally recommend it. Here is my review of it.