How To Lose Weight Without Exercise?

Losing weight without exercises,  Is it possible? Of course it is. Follow these tips add commitment and self-discipline.

Is it possible? Of course it is. If you follow the tips on this page then you will have no trouble doing it.

However, I also want to point out that it is always better to add some exercise to the mix. Exercise will make you toned, more energetic, it is great for your health and you will lose weight much faster because of it. But, if you really don’t have the time or you just can’t exercise for one reason or another, this article is for you.

How to Lose Weight Without Exercise- My Tips

Lose weight n-no exercise

Rule 1- Just Drink Water. I have talked about these tips in other articles, but I am going to go over them here again. If you follow these basic rules you will lose weight before you know it.

Instead of soft drinks (both full sugar and diet), fruit juices, vitamin drinks, energy drinks etc. just drink water instead.

After I cut soft drinks and juices out of my diet I lost a few pounds easily without doing anything else. It was pretty hard for me to adjust to just drinking water at first, but within a week I got completely used to it. I have not looked back. Not only will you lose weight, you will also feel much healthier.

Rule 2- Eat lean Meat

Lean turkey, lean chicken and tuna should be your staple meats. Many people think these meats are extremely boring, but with the right recipes they can taste really great. They will give you the protien your body needs without all the fat that comes with other meats. They are also much healthier than eating red meat in the long run.

Rule 3- Eat less At Night

After 3 or 4 in the afternoon don’t eat any more carbs such as bread, pasta, rice etc. Eat these in the morning and at lunch, because they are important for your daily energy needs. However, at night just eat some lean meat and a salad (watch the dressing). This is because carbs eaten at night will become fat because you don’t have time to burn them off.

Rule 4- Cut Down The Oil & Butter

Try to use less than half of the butter and oil you used before. Make sure you switch to olive oil, but don’t use too much of it either. Watch out for the sugar and fat content in other spreads such as jam and peanut butter.

Rule 5- Read food labels

food labels
Learning how to read nutrition labels is really important

Food labels have to reveal the facts, it is the law. You had better read them. You will find that many foods that looked healthy are in fact not. For example cookies which are low in fat, but very high in sugar. This is probably the most important thing you can learn in your goal to lose weight. I wrote a good article oncounting calories which explains it more in detail.

That ends my simple guide on how to lose weight without exercise. There are many more creative things you can do to lose weight. I suggest you do some research,  make a healthy plan and stick to it. Read though my website, I have written plenty of articles which should help you reach your weight loss goal.