How To Lose Weight In A Week, Is It Possible?

If you do what I tell you then I think losing a few pounds in one week is very possible and I am not talking about doing anything extreme either.

What I am going to recommend is just some good healthy methods that work. When it comes to losing weight, never turn to starvation diets, cabbage soup diets or any other extreme diet. These diets don’t work and they will only end up making you fatter in the long run.

How To Lose Weight In A Week – Adjusting Your Diet


Healthy weight starts in the kitchen
Healthy weight starts in the kitchen

Eat 6-8 small meals a day

Take all the food you eat now and split them up into small meals which you can eat at 2-3 hour intervals throughout your day.

Even if you don’t change what you are eating here, you are still going to lose some weight. Why? Our body is like a fire, if through all the wood we have on a fire in one go, it will be smothered and it will burn out.

However, if we put wood on it every few hours then it will burn brighter and strong. If we give our body small servings throughout the day it will continue to burn calories and run efficiently. You will lose weight because of it.

Cut Out The Sugar

I know what you are thinking, DUHHH?? But I am not talking about the sugar you find in candy and donuts, I am talking about hidden sugar.

Breakfast cereals, fruit juices (even so-called healthy ones), yogurts, even whole-wheat bread contains a load of sugar which you probably didn’t even know about. People say these things are healthy, but they are not. Just try cutting them out of your diet for one week and see if you are any lighter afterwards. Warning, these ideas may make you slimmer!

Try Not To Eat Much Dairy

Most dairy foods are processed and they are often one of the leading road blocks stopping people from losing weight. Milk is only healthy in it’s unprocessed form.

Forget skin milk or low-fat milk, it is actually healthier to drink full-fat fresh milk. You can probably find a supplier in your area and it will actually work out cheaper than the supermarket milk you buy now. I know this sounds crazy, but try it for a week and if I am wrong then you can go back to what you were doing before. I can guarantee you are in for a surprise.

Stop Drinking a lot of Soda


Stop all soda drinks, even the diet ones. Actually if you have to drink a soda drink, then avoid the diet ones and stick to the full-sugar ones because they are actually better for you. Try to just drink water or some healthy teas (without sugar).

 Don’t Eat Carbs After 3

Carbohydrates are really important for our bodies to run efficiently and we cannot do without them. Try to eat a good helping of carbohydrates at during the morning, this will give you energy for you to burn throughout the day. Try not to eat them after 3 or 4 in the afternoon because you won’t have time to burn them and they will end up turning into fat.

Following This Advice

Now you know how to lose weight in one week. Using the following advice you should be able to lose a few a few pounds in one week, but even more over a period of a month or so.  Honestly, you will be surprised at how effective these simple techniques are. If you want to take it even further you can buy a proper program, I recommend this one.