How To Lose Weight Fast

Want to learn how to lose weight fast, well here is  guide to help you out. Always remember  for effective weight loss you need two things: will-power and knowledge. If you don’t have any will-power then you won’t be able to carry out any plan effectively and you will end up giving up fast. However, even if you have will-power you still have to have knowledge of proper nutrition and exercise to really succeed in losing weight for good. In this article I am going to touch on both, so lets get to it!

Why Willpower Is So Important

will power
Without will power you will never be able to lose weight

I always though weight loss was really hard, but once I learned how to discipline myself it became super easy.Like many of you I had problems making myself exercise and avoiding foods which were not part of my diet plan.

Something which I used to love drinking was coke. I used to love an ice-cold can of Coca Cola at lunch everyday and removing it from my everyday diet was extremely difficult.

However, like any addiction (and that is what it is!) the craving goes away after a week or so and after a month you will forget about it completely. I am actually so used to drinking water now that I find Coke too sweet.

Running was another obstacle I faced when I first wanted to lose weight. The first few times I did it I quit after only a few minutes. It wasn’t because I was really tired, but more because I my mind was too lazy.

Running requires mental discipline more than anything else and in the beginning I really lacked it. But if you want to know how to lose weight fast, you have to exercise. I forced myself and now I can run 1 hour without a problem and the fat just burns right off me.

Tips To Create Iron Will Power

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1.Have a friend or a family member help you- Peer pressure is one of the best ways to create motivation. Get someone to keep an eye on you. Or maybe they can become your workout partner and you watch out for each other. I like to make bets with friends to keep me motivated. For example, If I don’t reach my 5 pound weight loss goal in 2 weeks I pay you 100 bucks. This will motivate you and motivate your friend to watch you. Be creative, find something which works for you and do it.

2.Remove bad influences- When you are trying to quit something (for example coke), try to avoid being around it. Remove it from your shopping list, try to avoid places that serve it etc. This is just for those first few days when you are getting yourself off it.

3.Write a List- Write a list of your long-term goals as well as your daily goals, you would be surprised how effective it is. If you know exactly what you need to do, then you are more likely to just do it.

4.Look forward to something- Give yourself one day of the week where you can relax and eat something unhealthy which you like. During the rest of the week you can look forward to that day and work extra hard to feel guilt free when it comes. There is nothing better than eating something really unhealthy, but without any guilt whatsoever.

5. Create your own- If you find something that works for you, use it! For example, before the day starts I like to listen to some motivational music. It really pumps me up for the challenges ahead.

How To Lose Weight Fast- Knowledge Is Everything

Weight loss knowledge

Want to know how to lose weight fast, then here are some great tips I have learned from experience. What I am going to say is best on healthy weight loss, I am firmly against pills or any form of extreme diets. Even though it may be healthy, you should always consult a doctor before making any big changes in your diet or your exercise routine.

Regarding Diet

Want to know how to lose weight fast? Well weight loss starts in the kitchen and if you are not willing to eat healthy then you might as well not bother trying to lose weight. If you want to lose weight fast then follow these eating guidelines.

1. Cut out the sugar- Sugar is the leading cause of obesity in the United States. By cutting sugar you will start to lose weight even if you don’t do anything else. By sugar I mean junk food like candy, chocolate, donuts etc. but I also mean sugar in other foods that you might not know about. Cereals, vitamin water, fruit juice, low-fat biscuits all contain too much sugar and you should cut them out of your diet. Make sure you read the labels of all the food you eat. Then find the ones with too much sugar and replace them with something else.

2. Drink water- Avoid soft drinks, alcohol, diet drinks, energy drinks, alcohol etc. and just drink water instead. Water is great for your health and it will even improve your skin.

3. Eat carbs but only in the morning- At breakfast eat a decent amount of carbohydrates (bread, pasta etc.) and don’t eat them for the rest of the day. Many people fail at weight loss because they eat carbs at night or in the afternoon. This is bad because your body does not have enough time to burn them and they become fat. By only eating them in the morning, you get the energy you need for the day and the time required to burn the carbs you eat.

4. Eat lean meat- Try to eat chicken, fish, turkey and other lean meats. These meats are full of protein and low in fat. Although they may seem boring at first, with the right recipes they can be really tasty.

5. Eat lots of vegetables and fruit- Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables for each meal. If you want to snack on something then snack on an apple or a stick of celery. Try to steam or bake your vegetables and don’t smoother them in cheese or sauces which are high in sugar and fat.

Regarding Exercise

If you are really serious about losing weight then you should atleast do some light exercise. Although you canlose weight without exercise, exercise will speed up the process. It will also make you have more energy, a faster metabolism and a toner body. Here are some tips I have for anyone wanting to do exercise:

1. Do both cardio and weights- Cardio is exercises like running, swimming and cycling. Weights are situps, pushups and other resitance training. By doing both you will have the best results possible.

This is because cardio will help you burn calories and lose fat fast. If you do weights this fat will then be turned into lean muscle and your body will look more toned.

2. Find a training partner- Working out alone can be tough and sometimes you can find yourself lacking in motivation. Studies have shown that people who exercise with a partner tend to get better results and last longer.

3. Join a gym- You can exercise at home, but sometimes it is better to join a gym (if you can). Firstly, a gym gives you all the facilities you need to do proper cardio and resistance workouts. Secondly, a gym can provide a much better workout environment where you will be much more focused than staying at home.