How To Lose 5 Pounds In A Week

Want to know  how to lose 5 pounds in a week? Here is a guide;

Losing 5 pounds in 7 days  is definitely no small feat, but it can be done. All you need is some will power and some knowledge about what to eat and how to exercise.

What You Should Cut Out Of Your Diet

If you want to succeed then you have to cut the following food and drink out of your diet right away:

Watch Out For Sugar

Sugar is the leading cause of obesity in America and you have to cut it out of your diet. Well duh right? You are probably thinking that I mean cutting stuff like candy and chocolate, well I am, but there is more.

Weight loss6

If you want to know how to lose 5 pounds in a week then you have to know about food labels.Many things which you eat and consider healthy are actually not. The worse offenders are foods which are “low-fat” or “Low in calories”, many of these actually contain more sugar than their full fat counterparts and thus make you fatter.

If you want to diet properly then you must read food labels to see which foods actually contain loads of sugar. For example, I recently cut a so-called healthybreakfast cereal completely out of my diet after I found out it contained huge amounts of sugar.

Don’t Be Scared Of Fat

Don’t get scared when you see that a food has some fat, but make sure you use common sense too.Avoid eating fried and deep-fried foods. Don’t use too much butter when you are cooking and make switch from regular oil to extra virgin olive oil. If you enjoy meat then buy lean white meat instead of read meat. Meat like turkey, chicken and tuna are a healthy way to get the protein you need without a build up of fat. They are high in protein and low in calories.

Eat Vegetables And Fruit

Try to eat as much fruit and vegetable as you can. Since they are so low in calories it doesn’t really matter how many you eat. I suggest using fruit as a way to stop eating unhealthy snack food. Try to steam your vegetables and don’t smoother them in unhealthy sauces.

Try A Proper Program

If you want to guarantee that you will lose 5 pounds in a week then I suggest a professional plan. If you don’t mind spending a little money then I suggest you try out this program. It contains healthy recipes, shopping lists, meal plans, exercise guides, expert help and much more. For 47 bucks you can save a lot of research time by buying something which works. If you don’t want to spend money then this is a good place for some research information.