How Much Water Should You Drink A Day?

Water is essential for life and for healthy living, if you are not drinking water then you should certainly start. Water is vital for powering your bodily functions, keeping your mental health and assuring an all-round healthy well-being.

However, is there a certain amount you need to drink on a daily basis? Essentially there is no set amount that a person should drink, however there is a basic recommended amount. Let us going further into detail on this important subject.

What Factors Will Influence The Amount Of Water You Will Need?



There is no set amount of water which everyone should drink a day, because water consumption will depend on varying factors. These include:

Your health- A  sick person may need much more fluids than a healthy one.

Your age- An elderly person will probably need to drink more water than a young adult.

The climate- If you live in an extremely hot environment you are going to require more fluids than someone who lives in a cooler climate.

Activity level- People who are very physically active will require more water than people who are not.

Body weight- The bigger you are the more water you will require.