How Many Calories In Almonds

Even though most of us enjoy almonds its important to watch the amount we take.Almonds may be healthy, but they are also very high in calories. According to the USDA almonds have the following calorie values:



Almonds are really healthy, but you shouldn't eat too many
Almonds are really healthy, but you shouldn’t eat too many
  • One almond (1.2 grams) = 7 Calories
  • One ounces of almonds (28.35 grams) = 164 Calories
  • One cup of sliced almonds (92 grams) = 532 Calories
  • One cup of grounded almonds (95 grams) = 549 Calories
  • One cup of slivered almonds (108 grams) = 624 Calories
  • One cup of whole almonds (143 grams) = 827 Calories