Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Health Benefits of Tomatoes

 Tomato is a versatile food that is not only associated to nutritional benefits but also highly capable of preventing chronic diseases alongside other health benefits. This is implicated to lycopene which is one of the vital photochemical that constitute the tomato. Tomatoes are loaded with myriad health benefits which include the prevention and healing of diseases as well as healthy and attractive look. Below is detailed information about the health benefits of tomatoes.

  • Enhance digestion and inhibit constipation, Tomatoes facilitate efficient and effective functioning of the digestive system as it enables the liver to carry out emulsification effectively and by extension brings an end to constipation. The mixture of tomatoes and spinach will give a perfect result.
  • Reduces risk of heart disorders – research from various higher learning institutions for example Boston and Tufts researchers assert that high intake of lycopene reduces the incidences of heart diseases and cardiovascular disorders by up to 30%.This therefore guarantees an enhanced blood circulation hence a general health improvement.
  • Rich source of minerals and vitamins – tomatoes serve the body with massive quantity of minerals and vitamins which include vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamins B1,B3,B5,B6 and B7, among the minerals are potassium, iron, folate, magnesium, chromium, choline, zinc, and phosphorus which are vital in enhancing body’s immunity hence forming a substantial defense against malnutrition diseases.
  • Neutralizes cigarette smoking health effects – tomatoes have the capacity to lower the havoc that is normally wrecked by smoking cigarettes either directly or passively. The body is defended against carcinogens which are the products of cigarette smoke. This ability of tomatoes is attributed to two substances namely coumaric acid and chlogenic acid. This ensures that body stays safe from lung cancer mouth cancer, esophageal cancer and tooth decolourization among other fatal health effects.
  • Flavor enhancers -tomatoes have the ability to accentuate the taste of any cooked meal. Tomatoes canbe used in chopped, whole, or in a sauce form. Cooked tomatoes enhance its ability to fight cancer irrespective of the lost vitamin c during the cooking process. Research indicates that heat processing improves the nutritional content of tomatoes.
  • Rich in phytonutrients – in terms of phytonutrients few of the vegetables is its equal and few are equally its superior. They are rich in fatty acid, glycosids, carotenoids, flavonols, hydroxycinnamic acids and flavonones.
  • Prevention of Gall bladder and Kidney stones – tomatoes function like disinfectants thus inhibiting diarrhea and equally limits the possibility of developing gall bladder and kidney stones. They equally reduce the cases of lower urinary tract indications which are threats to good health.
  • Healthy hair – regular intake of tomato especially its juice has the ability to improve the general quality of the hair, it gives an appealing look ,fine texture, an enhanced luster and strong tufts thus an invigorated hair growth.
  • Healthy skin – tomatoes are best at combating skin diseases such as acne thus protecting the skin cells from damages. For an overall advanced look of the skin drinking at least 2 cups of tomato juice would yield a commendable result within the shortest period.
  • Mitigates risk of stroke – The rich content of lycopene compound in the tomato boosts its ability to prevent chances of suffering from stroke hence healthy living.
  • Restoration of biochemical balance in the diabetics – The lycopene substance is quite critical in ensuring that the biochemical balance in the victims of diabetes is restored. This evidences how beneficial health wise tomato is.
  • Limits the risk of prostate cancer -tomato is constituted by the fiber in abundance which ensure that colon stays healthy. The quality of tomato being rich in the special nutrient referred to as alpha-tomatine massively helps in combating prostate cancer which is quite prevalent in men since it affects about 1 in 8 men. This saponin phytonutrient (alpha-tomatine) is highly effective in changing the metabolic activity in growing cells of prostate cancer and by extension denatures completely the already formed prostate cancer cells.
  • Trims down breast cancer – the chemical compounds such carotenoids,alpha-carotene,beta-carotene,lutein,zeaxanthin,lycopen among others that exist in tomato in high mounts have the great potential to reduce the risk of breast cancer that is fatal and highly prevalent in women.
  • Healthy bones – due to high amount of calcium in the tomato it is highly capable of ensuring formation of strong and healthy bones. Moreover tomato has rich supply of antioxidants which is also linked to healthy bones.
  • Strengthens immune system -regular intake of tomato increases the content of vitamin C in the blood which renders stress hormones inactive thus constituting a stronger immune system. Therefore regular intake of tomato will lead to a stress and tension free way of life.
  • Reduces the risk of blood coagulation-blood clot is one of the fatal diseases that many people suffer from across the globe. This is normally prompted by the extreme clumping together of platelets. Thus its mitigation is equally damn essential in reducing the risk of heart diseases. Tomato juice will therefore reduce the chances of blood clot. This is made possible by the phytonutrients that exist in tomatoes in superfluity.
  • Accelerates fat burning -The ability of tomatoes to stimulate the production of amino acid carnitine which is efficient in speeding up fat burning makes this function effective.
  • Protects vision and combats eye defects – tomato are better placed to combat eye defects and hence maintain good vision. This ability is linked to the phytonutrients such as beta carotene, lutei and zeaxanthin which are in large amount in the tomato.

From the above indicated health benefits of tomato it evidences that tomatoes are fundamentally essential part of the diet that ought not to be ignored. On the other hand intake of tomatoes will not be an assurance to 100% healthy living. Some other requirements for healthy living such as regular exercise, balanced diet, enough sleep among others ought to be observed for a perfect health standard.



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