Health benefits of pineapples

Health benefits of pineapples

Pineapples are some of the darling fruits for many people across the globe, this is linked to several health benefits of pineapples. The drought resistant plant is really unique in comparison to other fruits. It grows to a height of 8 feet; the fruits are characterized by tough spiky outer part. The weight of the pineapple fruit is approximately up to 8 pounds. Nanas comosus is its botanical name. The health benefits of pineapples (Ananas comosus) include the following;

  • Sustenance of the immune system – pineapple is a great source of vitamin C which is considered to be an important water soluble antioxidant which prevents cell destruction which further prevents heart diseases as well as body ache.
  • Strengthening the bones – pineapples are rich source of mineral manganese which is vital in the formation and development of strong bones as well as various tissues. This mineral manganese is also essential in preventing osteoporosis in post -menopausal female. A cup of pineapple juice generates about 73% of the required manganese on a daily basis.
  • Healthy sight – the  fact that pineapple has a good content of vitamin C and  considerable amount of antioxidants  puts it in a better position to fight  the  macular degeneration a disorder that is associated to old age leading to eye infections hence poor eye sight.
  • Enhance digestion – the fiber content present in the pineapple ensures maintenance of the intestinal movements and prevents constipation thus leading to an enhanced digestion process. Additionally pineapples possess considerable amount of bromelain enzyme which is critical in protein break down. This leads to efficient and effective digestion process.
  • Anti – inflammatory – pineapple is considered essential in reduction of serious inflammations as well as mitigation of tumor development. Furthermore it is capable of treating osteoarthritis which is attributed to its high content in bromelain. The existence of bromelain and proteolytic enzyme in the pineapple makes it fit in enhancing survival chances in animals with distinguish tumors though this is not clarified by the researchers when it comes to human beings.
  • Lower blood clotting – the extreme blood coagulation can be reduced significantly an attribute of the bromelain enzyme. This qualifies pineapples recommended snack for common fliers and others who are at high risk of blood clot.
  • Sinus inflammation and common cold – in the event that the cold prompts you coughing some chunks of pineapple will perform the magic. The victims of allergies are equally advised to include pineapples in their daily diet in order to lessen the long term sinus mucus .All these health benefits of pineapple are implicated to the vitamin C and bromelain.
  • A remedy for acne – Pineapple’s vitamin c helps immensely in thwarting acne and any inflammatory situation of the skin. Bromelain enzyme is the booster for the vitamin C healing power thus making the pineapple effective acne remedy.

Health benefits of pineapple juice

  • Menstrual relief – bromalain is component in the pineapple juice which is crucial in relieving menstrual cramps. Thus it is fundamentally essential to gulp the pineapple juice down the gut.
  • Bromelaine’s health benefits – This enzyme is of high therapeutic value as it treats coughs and colds. It enhances breathing process as it has the capability of ridding out the mucous in the respiratory system .Bromelain is also an anti-inflammatory and equally lessen the pain prompted by arthritis. Finally bromelain has anti-clotting thus mitigating the chances of blood getting coagulated.
  • Highly nutritious – the juice has high nutritional value as it is packed with several minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, while minerals include; potassium, phosphorous calcium, and manganese. Fresh pineapple juice contains about 75% of vitamin C of the requirement on the daily basis. Vitamin A keeps a healthy mucus membrane, skin and eyesight. Vitamin B enhances metabolic rate while B6 regulates blood sugar. Vitamin C ensure a healthy immune system, essential in cell and tissue development too. Soreness and cramps are also prevented an attribute to potassium.
  • Lowers the risk of hypertension – the proportion of potassium and sodium provides an avenue to fight hypertension. Regular intake of pineapple juice is recommended for the victims of hypertension since it contains lowest amount of sodium.
  • Healthy teeth and gums – vitamin C is highly essential in the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums and pineapple juice has this vitamin in abundance. Prevents teeth disorders such as plaque, gingivitis and other periodontal disease through inhibiting the activities of the bacteria rendering them harmless.
  • Best for heart health – the juice enhances blood circulation in the circulatory system. Bromelain makes the blood less thick thus lowering the chances of stroke, heart arrest among other heart disorders that are associated to poor blood circulation .This is also made effective by the presence of vitamin C in the pineapple juice. Vitamin C fights free radicals thus inhibiting the atherosclerosis and other heart disease.
  • Natural exfoliating agent – the juice is vital in ridding off dead skin and enhances blood circulation. This then revitalizes the skin making it exhibit a younger and attractive appearance.
  • Rids off the cracks on feet – the juice has the property of natural scub an implication of exfoliating quality. This enables it to remove the flaky and deplorable skin of the feet leaving them glowing, spongy and smooth. The swelling and inflammation triggered by the cracks are equally relieved.
  • Thwarts Cold – the juice is rich in vitamin C and bromelain which are crucial in fighting microbial infections. This will effectively cure cold and cough.

In as much as this fruit and its juice is mouth watering, of high nutritional value and health benefits of pineapple are countless, it is vital to proceed with moderation in as far as intake is concerned .Excess is detrimental e.g. pregnant women are fore warned to desist from excessive intake as it may prompt uterine constrictions which may instigate miscarriage.



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