Health benefits of green tea

Health benefits of green tea
Health benefits of green tea

Green tea is a product of unfermented leaves, the leaves that have undergone minimal oxidation during the period of processing to be exact. It exhibits a slightly bitter taste and pale color in appearance. The appearance varies from one stage to another that is the dry leaves, the liquid leaves and the infused leaves. The infused leaves are normally greener than the dry leaves. The varieties of green tea equally differ significantly an implication of climatic conditions, method of processing, horticulture and time of harvest. Green tea is associated to myriad health benefits. This is attributed to its quality of high nutritional value and large content of oxidants which improves the general health of aperson.The following are some of the health benefits of green tea;

  • Mitigation of the risk of cardiovascular diseases – these include diseases associated to the heart and blood for example; cardiac arrest, blood coagulation, stroke, coronary thrombosis among others. Green tea helps in maintaining blood vessels in good conditions which ensures their flexibility and the ability to withstand any abnormality presented by the variation in blood pressure. Its quality to reduce bad  cholesterol and increase the oxidation capability of the blood gives it a boost in mitigating the coronary thrombosis which is an implication of high cholestorerol in the blood which then prompts hypertension and other risk factors.
  • Enhances fat burning and boosts physical performance –green tea has the capacity to increase energy expenditure by four percent and by extension an increase in fat oxidation by seventeen percent thus evidencing its ability to enhance burning of fats. This will certainly boost metabolic rate which will consequently improve the general physical performance by activating fatty acids from the various tissues thus making them ready as an alternative for energy.
  • Effective in combating chronic diseases – these include esophageal cancer and diabetes type II. Green tea has the capability to destroy cancer cells effectively without affecting the adjacent healthy tissues. The quality of green tea to improve the sensitivity of insulin which then ensures a balance in sugar level puts it for the as the best combatant for the type II diabetes. Therefore green tea dependants are up to 42% safe from the risk of type II diabetes.
  • Ensures life longevity– Apparently everyone is mortal being a justification that death is as inevitable as focus ting that the sun will rise from east. Nevertheless, the fact that green tea protects against cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, stroke among others and other chronic diseases such as cancer, for sure it is plausible that one can span long under the sun. Studies show that regular intake of green tea has the capacity to lower the death of all causes by 23% in women and 12% in men, death from heart disorders by 31% in women and 22% in men, death associated to stroke by 42% in women and 35% in men.
  • Reprieves of Depression – green tea has some natural amino acids called thiamine which usually exist in leaves. In case of a depressed state of mind this substance has what it takes to provide a tranquilizing and relaxing effect that frees a person from a mind blowing situation.
  • Both anti-bacterial and anti-viral – it has a substance called tea catechin which enhances its power to fight both viral and bacterial virulent that are responsible for influenza, mumps, TB, cancer among other diseases. Streptococcus mutans is the most harmful bacteria in the mouth as it instigates plaque, tooth decay and cavity formation. Taking green tea will help to inhibit the development of the streptococcus mutans. Thus leading to an improved dental health.
  • Skin protector – the antioxidant and the anti-inflammatory properties of green tea enables it to reduce risk of wrinkles and aging signs and by extension fortifies the skin from sun damage. This guarantees a proper skin care making the skin to appear young and radiant.
  • Protection of brain in old age lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s – since green tea is associated to improved blood circulation consequently it enhances a working- memory area of the brains. Apart from its ability to enhance brain functions it also protects the brain in old age. This makes the brain immune from the common neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s which may lead to dementia and Parkinson’s diseases which instigates the death of dopamine. This is implicated to the high content of bioactive compounds such as catechin.
  • Loss of excess weight – consumption of green tea boosts the metabolic activities which are linked to the regulation of blood sugar through the activation of insulin and by extension aiding in reducing bad cholesterol and improving good cholesterol thus crucial in shedding excess fats. The polyphone a compound found in green tea enhances the oxidation of fats and the speed at which body converts food into calories hence keeping a person’s weight in check.
  • Stress reliever – The thiamin substance found in green tea is implicated to soothing effects thus making one to feel stress free. For the perfect result six cups should be taken in the event that one is stressed.


Dangerous for the kids– children are advised to keep off intake of tea. This is attributed to the presence of caffeine in the green tea that is likely to over stimulate and by extension cause blockage to the absorption of nutrients.

Stomach upset-Those with sensitive stomach are likely to experience stomach upset after the consumption. This is because it is a stimulant to gastric acid. It is therefore important to add some milk and sugar before the intake.

Even though green tea is loaded with substantial benefits , health benefits of green tea are not to be relied on solely. Quality health is enfolded in one’s own standard of living. Therefore drinking green tea should be combined with taking good care of oneself for example desisting from excessive drinking, smoking and ensuring regular physical exercise alongside eating a balanced diet.