Filling Low Calorie Foods

Filling low calorie foods are the foundation of a successful diet. They offer satiation without the calorie overload typical of heavy meals and high fat options. Find out which foods you can pile on your plate without packing on the pounds.

Finding Them

One of the most important things in any successful diet is finding filling low calorie foods. Some people think that a diet means constant nagging hunger, however if you find the right healthy foods you may actually feel more filled up than ever before.

Therefore you need to find some good solid foods which you can eat until food and not become fat with. In this article I am going to introduce you to the concept of low calorie foods that are filling as well as introduce you to some great low cal foods you can choose from.

My List Of Filling Low Calorie Foods


Here is a great list of foods which I normally try to base my meals around. All of these are not only very healthy, but they are low in calories and they will fill you up in no time.

Filling Low Calorie Foods

Sweet potato











Green Beans








Filling Low Calorie Snack Foods


If you can’t live without having some sort of snack food, then try these low calorie ones:

Popcorn (without/very little the butter and salt)

Low to no-sugar cereal

Low fat dairy

Rice cakes

What Should You Look For In Low Calorie Filling Foods?

Filling low calorie foods usually have three important characteristics which makes them both low in energy (calories) and very filling.

1)      They have Fiber- This is a type of carb which the body cannot digest, it is very healthy and Fiber should be included in all recommended diets.

2)  They have Protien- Although most of the above foods I have listed are vegetables and therefore lack in protein, protein can also be important in a filling low calorie foods diet plan. For example, tuna and chicken breast are very low in calories, but can keep one full for a long time after eating them.
3)      They have water- Water is great for you, it not only keeps your body hydrated, but it also helps with blood flow, keeps your body clean and even improves your skin. Another great thing about water is that it keeps you full, without having to consume extra calories.

Eat Low Calorie Foods, But Remember To Still Eat Enough Calories

There is a certain amount of calories one should eat a day. I have talked about this more in detail in my article:How many calories should I eat a day. However I will also touch upon it here. Your body needs a certain base amount of calories to run itself in a healthy way each day, you must make sure that you give your body enough calories a day to function properly. I suggest seeing a nutritionist before you try any new very low calorie diet plans as they may be hazardous to your health.