Health Benefits of Garlic

Health benefits of garlics

Health benefits of garlics

Garlic is a plant that exists in the same family as onion. Scientifically it is referred to as Allium sativum. It is typically a bulb that is divided into distinguished segments and each segment is known as garlic clove. There exist about 10 – 20 cloves in a bulb. Its three main compounds that define its therapeutic characteristics are; Alliin, Allicin and Alliinase. It has a distinctively robust pungent taste that is implicated to Allicin which is its main antioxidants. Garlic is vastly used as an ingredient in the various recipes. It is associated to a wide range of health benefits which are linked to its various healing qualities. Some of the species of garlic are black garlic and pickled garlic. It is associated to various health benefits which vary across its species. These include reduction of cholesterol level, enhancing digestion, reduction of high blood pressure risk, prevents neurological disorders among other health advantages.

Health benefits of black garlic

Black garlic results after taking white garlic through fermentation in a strictly regulated humidity and heat. The following are the therapeutic qualities and benefits linked to black garlic;

  • A great source of anti-oxidants–Anti oxidants are vital elements found in garlic that are ideal in boosting our immune system, reduces the risk of cells destruction and in case there are damaged cells it does the repairing. These anti-oxidants are equally critical in reducing cholesterol level which then helps in the prevention of some cardiovascular diseases such as coronary thrombosis that are linked to high cholesterol level within the blood vessels.
  • Ideal for heart health–Massive number of nutritionists have ascertained garlic is essential for healthy heart in that it is perfectly capable of lowering homocysteine (a type of amino acid) concentration in the blood. Homocysteine is normally responsible for the destruction of the walls of arteries and compounds the problem further by promoting deposition of fats on the walls of arteries which may inhibit a free flow of the blood. Black garlic will therefore inhibit this.
  • Enhances blood circulation-Black garlic is linked to the ability to improve good circulation of the blood. This is attributed to its quality to raise the creation of more hydrogen sulphide. These sulphur elements are critical in ensuring an ideal blood pressure as well as an enhanced blood clotting. This therefore lowers the risk of high blood pressure and excessive loss of blood in case of bleeding incidences.
  • Best in stimulating white blood cells–The immune system is greatlydependent on the activity of the white blood cells in order to effectively combat a wider range of infections such as bacterial and fungal infections. For example cold, cholera, dysentery, TB, athlete foot cold, mumps, and candida among others. Some infections that have proved resilient to antibiotics have been remedied by the black garlic.
  • Ideal in normalizing blood sugar–Insulin is responsible for regulation of the level of blood sugar and black garlic boost its secretion. Therefore it ensures a normalized blood sugar level which then shields individuals from the risk of diabetes.
  • Linked to the ability to enhance levels of testosterone–Testosterone is a sex hormone produced mainly by men .Though it is also secreted in women but in a very low quantity. It is critical in sex drive as it has been linked to increase of the libido. Additionally it facilitates production of sperms among others. Black garlic is important as it ensures a sufficient secretion of this life giving hormone which will reduce the risk of some sexual disorders such as low libido in both men and women, erectile dysfunctions and low sperm production that is prevalent in men.

Health benefits of pickled garlic

Pickling is a food preservation process that involves either fermentation in salt-water or by anaerobic. Food that is made by pickling is referred to as a pickle. This process alters both the flavor and the texture of the later. Pickled garlic is completely different from cooked or dried garlic in terms of chemical compounds as well as pharmacological benefits. Its health benefits include;

  • Best in reducing levels of cholesterol–Pickled garlic has some vital compounds that  are referred to as kyolic  and S-allyl cysteine (SAC)  which are essential in lowering the cholesterol .This saves the body from the risk of incurring other fatal diseases that are associated to high cholesterol level e.g. coronary thrombosis.
  • Inhibits blood pressure –This is equally linked to its SAC compound which enhances blood circulation thus limiting the probability of the pressure build up. This therefore reduces the risk of one suffering cardiovascular diseases such, platelet aggression, and hypertension which are normally instigated by the high blood pressure.
  • Pickled garlic enhances fat solubility–This therapeutic ability of pickled garlic is attributed to the compound known as Allicin which facilitates the formation of polysulfide compound that is essential in enhancing fat solubility. The fat soluble is critical health wise because they are associated to anti-tumor properties.
  • It is rich in water soluble compounds -Water soluble compounds are fundamentally essential in enhancing blood circulation.
  • Nutritionally rich – pickled garlic contains high amount of selenium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, tryptophan and manganese which are essentially fundamental in as far as quality health is concerned. Its ability to reduce the cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure ,atherosclerosis ,coronary thrombosis, stroke, varicose veins, heart attack among others are implicated to its quality of sufficient amount of sulphur compounds which are very effective in inhibiting cardiovascular disorders.

Even though garlic is a plant full of therapeutic merits a precaution should be taken during consumption. For example consumption of raw garlic may grant no peace to one’s digestive system as it is characterized by severe irritation. Those who are administered anticoagulant drugs should get proper advice from the qualified medic before having garlic as a supplement. Otherwise incorporation of garlic into one’s daily diet certainly confers a multitudinous health benefits that would see one through a host of health disorders.



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Health Benefits of Olives

Health benefits of olives
Health benefits of olives

Olive is typically a tiny fruit with bitter flesh and solid pit; both are attributed to the important health benefits of olives. A ripe olive is brownish black and greenish when unripe. It is a versatile fruit as it serves as source of oil and food besides the numerous therapeutic significance. Owing to the fact that olives are mouth watering delicacies, they have become one of the world’s most celebrated fruits. Olives exist in various species and their nutritional value varies across the species. They can be taken together with sandwiches, salads, salty snacks or can even be taken as starter. The olive oil forms part of the ingredients for various diets and its benefits extends to its tree which is critical in construction as it provides an excellence quality wood. The health benefits of olives are premised on its rich nutritional content which include; organic compounds, vitamins and minerals, to begin with;

  • Good for healthy eyes – Olives are good in enhancing night vision as it gives the eye ability to differentiate between darkness and light. It contains a good percentage of vitamin A which is the best for quality vision. This is an attribute of vitamin A ability to counter ocular diseases that are generated by age, muscular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma.
  • Enhances heart health – Heart attack is as a result of the damaged blood vessels which then inhibit steady flow of the blood to the body and back to the heart. The richly Oxidant nutrients found in olive prevents the blood vessels from incurring damages by hindering the oxidation of cholesterol linked to the destruction of blood vessels. This therefore ensures a healthy heart.
  • Source of mineral iron – Iron is one of the crucial nutrients that perform a number of vital functions in the body. It gives the red blood cell the characteristic of high affinity to oxygen which in its absence one would suffocate to death. The effectiveness of numerous metabolic activities are dependent upon the enzymes and iron constitutes quite a number of enzymes such as; cytochrome enzymes, iron peroxidase and iron catalase.
  • Reduces the risk of cancer– The ability of olive to lower the risk of chronic disease infections such as cancer is linked to the presence of vitamin E which is essential in neutralizing the effects of free radicals in the body. It ensures safer cellular processes. This therefore protects the mitochondrion from damages which may be instigated by the oxidation by the free radicals. Vitamin E which is a constituent of olive equally provides protection to the DNA cells which would otherwise mutate and result into cancer if destroyed.
  • Anti inflammatory qualities- Inflammation may result into connective tissues and bone defects, deadly diseases such as arthritis which are normally accompanied by inexplicable pain. Olive oil reduces or prevents these fatalities through a chemical compound called oleocanthal which equally serves as anesthesia.

A combination of a daily intake of olive with regular exercise and proper diet plan is a guarantee to quality life.



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Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Health benefits of Apple cider vinegar
Health benefits of Apple cider vinegar

Health benefits of Apple cider vinegar are countless.  Apple cider vinegar is a fermented drink extracted from apples. Its content is highly concentrated with acetic acid. It has countless health benefits. For example its regular consumption like few hours before one retires to bed is highly effective in minimizing the risk of gaining excess weight, diabetes and heart disorders among other health risks.  It is nutritiously rich hence an assurance of the provision of solid defense against deficiency diseases. Health benefits of apple cider vinegar include:

  • Effective in improving digestion – Apple cider vinegar intake on regular basis just before daily meal would certainly facilitate the stimulation of digestive juices such as bile, pancreatic juice, gastric juice among others. This will therefore lead to efficient and effective food break down. For the best result unpasteurized apple cider vinegar should be taken. The filtered vinegar juice is deficient of some crucial enzymes thus not effective in improving digestion. A table spoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water should be taken 15 minutes before a meal.
  • Good in Stabilization of immune system – Apple cider vinegar is endowed with essential mallic acid which is an infallible antiviral substance thus reduces colds and by extension facilitates the development of the friendly bacteria which are implicated to overall improvement of body immunity.
  • Great source of energy and resilience – The daily consumption of apple cider vinegar results into powerful alkalizing effect on the human system which further instigates massive amount of energy that equally ensures stamina. The raw and unpasteurized types of apple cider vinegar are the best as far as generation of energy and stamina is concerned.
  • A remedy for restless leg and leg cramp disorder- This syndrome is linked to excessive amount of potassium in the body. The persistent and consistent consumption of apple cider vinegar would lower the potassium level thus mitigating the effect of this serious disease. A gulp before going to bed would give perfect results.
  • Healthy and attractive skins -The pH level of the skin can be regulated apple cider Vinegar thus enhances skin refreshment, and equally combat dermatological effects such as acne. This quality gives the skin a young, attractive and healthy appearance.
  • Inhibits Constipation, Intestinal Issues and Heart Burn – Heart burn is normally prompted by the low acidic condition of the stomach. An intake of apple cider vinegar would provide a reprieve from this problem. It is important for the ulcers victims to have the juice diluted before the intake otherwise it may prove fatal if taken in its high concentration. Its fiber content found from the unfiltered vinegar is effective in enhancing peristalsis, alleviating gas, cramps and blotting effects of the stomach.
  • Diabetes inhibitor– Diabetes is quite prevalent among the world’s populace and considering the severity of the number of people devastated with this health pandemic, it is expedient to leave nothing to chance in as far as prevention is concerned. Tossing down at least a glass of the apple cider vinegar before every meal enhances the sensitivity of the insulin which regulates blood sugar level thus reducing the risk of type II diabetes. Mixture of two table spoons,30 ml of apple cider  vinegar, 177 ml of water, 59 ml of cranberry juice and splatter of lime juice will make you good to go.
  • Critical in weight loss -There exists various types of apple cider vinegar for example, filtered, raw, unfiltered and pasteurized apple cider vinegar. The best brand is none other than Bragg’s organic apple cider vinegar. Consuming an apple cider vinegar fruit juice before every meal is essential health wise. Its mixture with a tonic fruit juice and a cup of grape juice would perform magic as far as weight reduction is concerned.
  • Maintains a healthy heart-Apple cider Vinegar juice is highly rich in nutritional content which is linked to critical health benefits. This has been substantiated in minimizing the risk of heart disorders such as heart attack/cardiac arrest among other heart diseases. It would be expedient to take apple cider vinegar juice persistently and consistently just as it applies in the case of losing weight for effectiveness in limiting the risk of hypertension. Indeed substitution of daily intake of oil and fats with this heartwarming drink would certainly be the best choice ever..
  • A remedy to sore throat -This is implicated to its quality to create a none alkaline environment which does not favor virulent of sore throat. This leads to creation of a hostile environment which inhibits the icky cold-causing germs as well as the bacteria rendering them inactive. A blend of apple cider vinegar, cayenne paper, warm water and honey will enhance its effectiveness in treating a sore throat.
  • Effective in clearing sinuses -A staffed- up nose is really maddening and mind blowing experience to grapple with. The blend of apple cider vinegar with warm water will destroy the bacteria hence rendering them inactive. This will undoubtedly clear the respiratory tracks such as the bronchi, alveoli and bronchioles which will lead to effective breathing. Additionally it reduces colds and ease allergies.
  • Best for detoxification –This life giving staff is very essential in body cleansing or removal of toxins hence facilitating advancement in blood circulation thus strengthening the defense system of the body. The inclusion of apple cider vinegar into the daily meal is therefore of essence and addition of 5 drops of stevia or 5 ml teaspoon of honey would accentuate the flavor making it mouth watering and lovely for consumption.

Indeed with the above myriad health benefits, there is surety that apple cider vinegar is one of the resourceful drink that has a justification to be embraced.  Therefore it would be expedient to those who are in love with fatal drinks such as illicit brews to desist because they pose a wider range of health issues to one’s life. Slotting in for apple cider vinegar as part of the daily diet is the safest direction to a quality life.


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Health Benefits of Apples

Health benefits of apple

Apples are regarded as some of the worlds best fruits health wise as they are reloaded with myriad minerals, vitamins, and organic compounds. The essential nutritional elements include; vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin6, Riboflavin, potassium, magnesium and copper. The significance of apples is dependent upon organic compounds which are notably; the salient dietary fibers (12%), phytonutrients and oxidants which are fundamentally essential in maintaining good health. These organic compounds are implicated to the apples’ ability to combat cancer, diabetes, heart disorders, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. Regular consumption of apples is linked to the reduction of LDL -cholesterol and total cholesterol in the body. Below is a nutritional profile and the innumerable health benefits of apples.

  • A healthy and proper functioning of digestive system-The rich fiber content in apples are essential in adding bulk to the food, thus improving bowel movements and equally prevents constipation as it facilitates easier passage of food along the digestive track and easier egestion. Furthermore it has the capacity to stimulate the production of digestive juices such as gastric juice, pancreatic juice among other salient juices. Apples are effective in enhancing the functioning of bacteria within the colon and equally alters the metabolism within the digestive system thus eliminates harmful bacteria and maximize the intake of essential nutrients. This provides a reprieve from stomach disorder and equally ensures healthy heart condition and minimizes the risk of atherosclerosis and keeping digestive system healthy and effective.
  • Ability to prevent cancer-Apples have proved to be the infallible inhibitor to chronic diseases such as cancer and in particularly lung cancer. In cases where the cancer has grown it reduces the risk of the cancer spreading to other parts of the body. This is an attribute to organic compounds such as quercetin and kaempferol.
  • Apples facilitate weigh reduction-just like it is the ability of any other fruit to prompt fullness and satisfaction due to their high fiber content thus reducing the appetite for excessive eating so does the apples. Besides this apples posses another incredible quality that facilitates weight loss. The research shows that apples are capable of speeding up the metabolism so that any calories taken after the consumption of apples doesn’t bear any gravity in the body since they are burnt off at more rapidly rate or no absorption altogether. Therefore apple consumption would be of immense help to millions of populace who are grappling with the excessive weight (obesity) across the globe.
  • Remedy to stroke and diabetes-Taking apples after every meal which is likely to be three times a day is essential as it reduces risk of type II diabetes by 7%.This is attributed to their quality to regulate the level of blood sugar. Apples limit the possibility of fatal pressure which is linked to heart attack and stroke.
  • Essential for healthy skin-The apple skin and flesh contains salient antioxidants which counters the damaging effects of free radicals which are implicated to wrinkles, premature aging, and age spots among other conditions. Apples are equally essential in enhancing blood circulation therefore ensures the repair and replacement of damaged cells. This results into a young and shiny skin appearance. Pastes that are the products of apples and honey would give a perfect result on the skin.
  • Effective for dental care – Apples are essential in maintaining clean teeth and healthy gums. The fiber cleanses the teeth while its antibacterial quality enables it to inhibit the activity of the bacteria which produces an acid which finally leads to tooth cavity. Apples also stimulate saliva secretion which creates an alkaline environment thus limits the chances of growth and multiplication of bacteria in the mouth.
  • Apples are remedy to respiratory disorders – Apples have the ability to cure some of the serious respiratory diseases which are instigated by the inflammation of the respiratory cells and membrane. An example of a fatal respiratory disorder is asthma. Apples have got the anti inflammation quality which puts it forth as an outstanding remedy for asthma and other respiratory defects.
  • Apples are Curative for neurological diseases – The most common and deadly neurological disorders are Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The ability of the apples to cure Alzheimer’s disease which is prompted by the free radical activity is linked to its high content of organic compounds such as phytonutrients and antioxidant. Moreover apples are equally effective in raising the content of acetylcholine in the brain which is implicated to good concentration, memory and problem solving. For the Parkinson’s apples deal with it b slowly crashing down the dopamine-producing nerve cells which is the causative agent of Parkinson’s.
  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases – Most of the cardiovascular disorders are caused by imbalanced level of cholesterol in the body. Apples are effective in lowering cholesterol hence improving body’s immunity against cardiovascular disorder. The common say of “an apple a day keeps the medic a way” is more truthful than you would imagine. This is because the daily amount of apple that is considered best for a healthy heart is about one on a daily basis. This life giving quality is attributed to apple’s ability to neutralize various fats and triglycerides that exist between blood vessels that are likely to prompt fatal blood pressure. Quercetin is a very powerful flavonoid that is highly concentrated in the skin of the apples and has the ability to lower the inflammation in the blood vessels. This therefore makes apples great heart boosters.

The above health benefits of apples are justification that indeed an apple a day keeps the doctor a way. The organic apples are the best; ensure you take the apples with the skin as greater percentages of nutrients are in the skin for example vitamins C and vitamin A. It is wise to wash the apples thoroughly before consumption. Though apples are delicious, it is important to proceed with moderation as far as the intake is concerned.



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