Valentine’s Day E-Cards to Share On Whatsapp

Valentine ’s Day e-cards to share on whatsapp

Valentine ’s Day e-cards to share on whatsapp should be short but mostly humorous. Just like with all the social platforms, it is important to be careful with your words even as you share the love.

 Valentines E-Cards Messages Ideas To Be Shared On What Sup

  • For valentines I don’t want gifts I just want you holding my gift .happy valentine’s day!
  • My love for you burns stronger than the urinary tract. Happy valentine’s day!
  • If I were a pimp you would be my favorite ho. Happy valentine’s day!
  • I adore you more than the people of North Korea are forced to adore Kim Jong-un. Happy valentine’s day!
  • Let’s stay in an devour each other this valentine’s day. Happy valentine’s day!
  • I have never been more in love with someone who is not me. Happy valentine’s day!
  • You would look even more beautiful with a bouquet of flowers obstructing your face. Happy valentines!


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Valentine’s Day E-Cards To Share On Mobile Phones

Valentine’s Day E-Cards To Share On Mobile Phones


Valentine’s day e-card to be shared on mobile phones should be short and to the point as long texts are usually tedious to read. The messages content, tone and graphics will vary depending one’s relationship with the recipients for example, spouse, friend e.t.c.

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Valentine’s Day e-cards to Share on Facebook

Valentine’s Day e-cards to Share on Facebook

Valentines e-cards to share on facebook are meant for all or specific Facebook friends and in so many ways similar to messages you send to your friends. However, since Facebook is a social platform it is important to be careful with your words even as you share the love.

A guide to choosing Valentine’s Day e-cards to share on Facebook

  • Short warm message– a warm message is a reflection of love and thoughtfulness. There is no need for long messages, a short message will do as it shows you are sure of what you want to share and makes it easier for your ‘busy’ friends.
  • Informative- an informative message could be a piece of advice on relationships that you would like to share with your Facebook friends
  • Funny– Funny valentine messages could serve several purposes; make your loved smile share a piece of advice and make them feel loved.

Graphics / Animation

 Any graphic apart from those that specifically symbolizes romance will do for you Facebook friends.

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Valentine’s Day E-Cards for Sweetheart

Valentine's Day E-Cards for Sweetheart
Valentine’s Day E-Cards for Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day e-cards for sweetheart should express plenty of thoughts, love, romance and appreciation. They should communicate ones emotions and feelings in the most touching way. Here is a short guide on choosing a Valentine’s Day e-card for your sweetheart;

A Guide to Choosing Valentine’s Day E-cards for Sweetheart

Messaging Content

  • Heartfelt- a heartfelt message express sincere feelings showing how loving the partner is. The sentiments projected here are highly valuable to the recipient.
  • Romantic – A romantic messages is perfect for a sweetheart, it’s an expression of both affection and deep thoughts by extension it prompt blissfulness.

Graphics and animations


  • Red roses- red roses are a show of passion and pure romantic love. Actually a red rose is a symbol of valentines.

Red roses on valentine e-cards should only be sent to a person you are already in relationship with; spouse, dating couples, fiancée.

  • Red and white roses- While red roses symbolize love and romance, white roses are a show of purity, sincerity and innocence. A combination of these two is a show of pure and true love.

Red and white roses on valentine e-cards can be sent to that special person you intend to date or start a serious relationship with. This can also do for people in a relationship with.


  • Yellow roses- Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship and admiration. It means that the person plays a big role in your daily life.

Yellow roses on valentines e-cards is sent to a person you intend to start a long term romantic relationship with. Avoid yellow roses if this is not the case as this could be make the recipient feel insulted.



-Love symbol which is usually in the shape of the heart-Just as it is, it’s a symbol of love.

Send this to a special person, but this should only be to a person you are already in a relationship with. Avoid this when you intend to express your interest.


-A teddy bear- to an adult a teddy bear gift not only conveys love, it’s also a sign of investment and therefore commitment to the relationship.

Teddy bears can be sent to any person on any occasion so long as it’s accompanied by the right message. Please note for adults it should only be from a man to a lady and never the other way

Select from a wide range of valentine e-cards for sweetheart here

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Valentine’s Day E-cards for Kids boys/girls


Valentine’s Day E-cards for Kids boys/girls

Valentines is for your loved ones including children, they could be your own children or other kids that you care for in a special way. Valentines’ e-cards for kids  express some sweet sentiments which are linked to some best animations. When kids receive and read the messages in these e-cards they become jovial and they are equally overwhelm by the feeling of love and care from parents, relatives or friends who might have wished them the best via the cards.

A guide to choosing Valentine’s Day E-cards for Kids

Message tone

Though valentines nowadays is for all it is very important to be careful when selecting E-cards, while some messages won’t make any sense to the kids some are also not appropriate for their age. Compassionate, affectionate and funny messages will do best for kids;

  • Compassionate-messages that show compassion makes the children feel that they are not a lone but with someone who will always stand with them irrespective of the situation. This gives them an assurance and confidence as they continue to grow.

          Though these types of messages can be sent to any kid, they will especially do for kids who    have gone through difficult moments in the past and need reassurance.

  • Affectionate-these messages express to the kid how much they are loved and cared for in the family or with even friends and relatives. This gives them a sense of belonging and unity.

         This fits any kid.

  • Funny-Your aim at the end of the day is to make the kid happy, so look for something simple that will make them laugh just by reading.

        This fits any kid.

Graphics/ Animation

Images and overall appearance of any card are very important. They are the first to pass your message, in some cases the message in written form will only be less than 5% and the image is supposed to pass the rest.

  • Teddy bear

Did you know among other things teddy bears convey love and acceptance? This is true for both kids and adults. There are numerous designs, teddy bear could be designed in a way that it has a read cap on the head, a multicoloured dress and having its mouth opened chanting.

Coupled with a compassionate message it would especially do for kids who need reassurance

Coupled with an affectionate/ funny message it would do for any kid.


  • Dog, cupid and puppy

Most kids generally love pets.

This will especially do not necessarily for kids who love pets but for the friendly and sociable kids.

  • Hugs

Among other things hugs communicate happiness and affection. Hugs are also believed to boost self esteem.

Valentines e-cards with hugs can be sent to that kid you want to appreciate or one that you are really close to.

You can get Valentine’s Day E-cards for Kids here 







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Valentine’s day sayings

Valentine's day sayings
Valentine’s day sayings

Why not try Valentine’s Day sayings this valentines. Valentine’s day is one of the fan filled day, a grand happy affair to be exact. It is an occasion to celebrate all the beautiful human relationship across the globe. This festive season comes on the 14th of every year. People express their love and care in various forms which include; candy, flower bouquets, chocolate jewels and other valuable gifts that surmounts to the value of precious sparkling stones. On the other hand some may prefer sending the Valentine’s Day sayings to their spouse or even express the sayings while facing their partners as a manifestation of their love and care for their loved ones. Others may prefer both gifts and Valentine’s Day sayings so it depends on one’s preference.

Examples of Valentine’s Day Sayings

  • I must have seen something in you that set my heart into aglow, my perfect choice. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • You only realize you’re in love when countless sleepless nights are inevitable since reality has outweighed the dreams. For sure falling in love is nothing less or more of having a glimpse of paradise. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Life’s greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved.
  • What I feel for you is more than earth but less than a cloudless night, an infinite love. A hundred hurts will be too few to carry all my love for you, happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Love is just a word until someone comes a long and gives it meaning. I found you and I found gold, happy Valentine’s Day!
  • A life without love is like a year without summer indeed love is the essence of happiness. Happy valentine’s day!
  • If I’m left with only one smile I would give it to you the only person I love. Happy valentine’s Day!






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Valentine’s day ideas

Valentine’s day ideas
Valentine’s day ideas

Keep spicing your relationship with simple Valentine’s Day ideas. Valentine’s day is such a crucial time of the year when romance is in the air and everybody in love is anxious on how to find the perfect way to express their affection to their spouse. It is important to have Valentine’s Day ideas in place that would help you impress your loved ones and melt their hearts.

valentine’s Day Ideas

  • Have the bedroom set up with a candlelit table for the couple. Have some mouth watering delicacy for example; grilled steak, sautéed shrimps in lemon, butter, garlic, vegetable and a flowing chocolate fountain surrounded by fresh fruit for dipping. After dinner lead your spouse over to homemade massage table and crown your valentines night with a romantic movie..
  • Arrange for banquet from a take-out restaurant and have a valentines celebration for every valentine in the family on the family living room. This will enable the children to see the value of family and a loving marriage.
  • Making meals with symbols of love would sound romantic. For example writing I love you with string beans portrays the shape of the heart and evokes the feelings of love.
  • Ladies to show up at their husbands work place just before lunch hour. Give your man a call and inform him of your intension to take him for lunch date and you’ll be waiting for him eagerly whenever he can take a break. Wear a stunning outfit and remind him that you have a sexy staff underneath for him when he gets home. After having a sumptuous lunch together, company him back to the office and give him some great kisses telling him how glad you are to be married to him and you can’t wait to see him home.






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Valentine’s day wishes poems

Valentine’s day wishes poems


Ever tried expressing your love on valentines with  Valentine’s day wishes poems?  Valentine’s Day is actually a special occasion for all and sundry who beyond any reasonable doubt believe that falling in love with someone is inherent and endemic part of life. It is inevitable to be exact. Some would go out with the loved ones, or by commencing a date with someone they had never seen or dated with before. Everyone wants to look spike and span and wear various colours of dresses depending on one’s way of expressing feelings and emotions towards valentines. This day is not devoid of Valentine’s day wishes poems as an expression of love and care to their loved ones. The poem should have an ecstatic or affectionate tone. The message should be conveyed in a way that shows love and respect to the spouse.

Valentine’s Day wishes poems


As we watch the sun go down,

I want to let you know;

My love for you is forever,

No retreat no surrender;

You are the one have been hunting for,

the one I’ve eventually found;

without you in my life,

my world wouldn’t go round

the love you bring into my heart,

which is so true and kind;

In my mind your voice whispers,

when I close my eyes at night I dream of you,

when I awake to the morning due I think of you,

somehow I feel in your arms is where I belong;





I have waited for someone like  you for so long,

Now my heart beats with a happy rhyme,

Everything happens for a reason and I believe it’s true,

That is why you were sent to me;

To be with you for eternity,

with our family fraternity,

Is all I pray for,

Is all I wish for you;

Happy Valentine Day!












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Valentine’s Day wishes love quotes

valentines 1
Valentine’s Day wishes love SMS

For the majority of people in a relationship Valentine’s Day is very important therefore it calls for being meticulous in the planning for everything on that day to remain memorable. You don’t necessarily have to be spend thrift but making each other feel special is of essence. Valentines love quotes to your partner is among the most romantic ways to let them know they are special.

Valentine’s Day wishes love quotes

  • You are maddeningly beautiful. I love you maddeningly for when love is not madness, it is not love.
  • Falling in love is not an implication of gravitation it is a consequence of strong emotional attachment, it is being compatible to be exact, happy valentines!
  • I would be wrong to say that it was my ears you whispered, the truth is that it was my heart, an exaggerated lie that my lips you kissed but my soul. Happy valentines!
  • Love is a symbol of endlessness. Terminates all sense of time ,obliterates memory of the beginning and fear of the end altogether. Happy valentine’s day!
  • Just like love is widely ambiguous, I’m equally vague about myself. This irresistibly desired disorder of the heart has wrecked  havoc to my brain, my  cheeks are glowing ,my eyes are sparkling and the  blood pressure has  The only infallible prescription is you darling, happy valentines.
  • Love is a smoke made with the perfume of sighs, grow old with me! The best is yet to be, happy valentines.
  • Your eyes are radiantly charming like the delicate rays of the sun being sent to kiss the beautiful nature of the earth as it emanates from the bowels of the earth, you are a dreamscape of wonders! You’re all blissful feeling, I want to be with you forever. Happy valentines!



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Valentine’s Day wishes love SMS

Valentine's Day wishes love SMS
Valentine’s Day wishes love SMS

Valentine’s Day wishes love SMS are wishes that explicitly meant to express love and gratitude to the loved ones. The lover birds send each other love wishes SMS to manifest how strongly they love, care and think about each other. This is a special day that should be full of fan and romance. Show them that you care with an SMS

Valentine’s day wishes love SMS

  • My love remains alive until sun is emanating from the earth’s horizon from east and until earth is spinning around it. No matter what situation we are in, nothing will stop me from loving you, happy valentines!
  • For every beauty there must be an eye to see, for every truth there must be an ear to here and for every love there must be a heart to receive. Sweetheart every success, achievement, my destiny my love and all feelings belong to you, happy valentines!
  • Love is ironical, paradoxical to be exact. It is not what you expect. It is not a garden of roses, it is not a cup of coffee, it is a path full of thorns and a lake of fire, and nevertheless we are here to stay for eternity, happy valentines!
  • Among billions and millions of people, you’re the perfect choice, my soul mate and my true love, happy valentines!!
  • Being close to you performs the magic as everything seems beautiful and consequently I fall in love with everything, happy valentines!!
  • Among the thorns of life, love is just like a beautiful red rose, cuts across all stages of life, keeps you young and energetic, happy valentines!


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