How Many Calories In A Donut?

Donuts are not healthy, we all know that, however on occassion you should treat yourself to something you a cheat food which you like. If donuts are your thing then you should know how many calories each one contains, so you can make a space for them to be fit into your diet plan. Here is a selection of different donuts with their calorie content:


Donuts may have more calories than you think
Donuts may have more calories than you think
  • French Cruller donut = 150 calories
  • Pumpkin Glazed donut = 50 calories
  • Chocolate Frosted Cake donut = 360 calories
  • Cinnamon Cake Donut = 180 calorie

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How Many Calories In Beer?

I know most of that  love a beer now and then and i am sure you do too. However, there are quite a lot of calories in beer so you should watch out, if you plan on drinking it too regularly. Beer has the following calorie stats:


how calories in a beer
So how many calories in your favorite drink


  • One fluid ounce (29.7 grams)¬†= 12 Calories
  • One can (356 grams) = 146 Calories


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